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Today, the concept of fashion is changing rapidly, and it has gone beyond just covering up. For many of us, fashion goes deeper than adding some apparel to your wardrobe. It can be a way of expressing who we are and the things we represent. Are you a lover of anime, cartoons or comics? Or, did you have a strong connection with a Saturday morning cartoon or comic series while growing up? What if you could bring back that same excitement, enthusiasm and connection?

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Silver Surfer - The Herald Ordeal a review by Kevin Tanza

Silver Surfer - The Herald Ordeal a review by Kevin Tanza

The Herald Ordeal is a cosmic action blockbuster and one of Marvel’s best-kept secrets. The Silver Surfer is a beloved character and one of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s greatest creations, so I always love it when someone takes this character and writes great stories with him–sometimes I think he doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

A phenomenal story and definitely worth your time if you want some classic comic book action.

Flash Forward #5 Review by Kevin Tanza

Flash Forward #5 Review by Kevin Tanza

Flash Forward #5 is perhaps not the strongest issue of the miniseries, but it's certainly far from a dud. It has struggles, emotion, threats and a sense of urgency that you don’t usually read in most modern comics these days. Both Lobdell and Booth are veterans of the industry and you can see and feel that understanding and care that comics need in order to thrive–they know what they want and they know how to deliver.

The final issue will come this month and it’s certainly going to be a very important conclusion to a character’s story that has been going through multiple ups and downs in the last decade.

A generation’s Flash may finally get his due after all these years.

Wonder Woman (2009 Film) Animated Movie Review

Wonder Woman (2009 Film) Animated Movie Review

The 2009 Wonder Woman movie is one of DC’s hidden gems as far as animated films go: you have absolutely everything you could ask for in a Wonder Woman story (epic elements, great battles, solid moral values, and heartfelt emotion) and it delivers with a solid pace, not wasting time and doing justice to every character that appears on the screen. I often wonder how much the 2017 live-action film took from this because there are many similar elements, although there is a major difference in the third act.

This is a really remarkable movie that you must check out if you are a fan of Wonder Woman or if you are just interested in a good superhero story. Definitely worth your time.