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Today, the concept of fashion is changing rapidly, and it has gone beyond just covering up. For many of us, fashion goes deeper than adding some apparel to your wardrobe. It can be a way of expressing who we are and the things we represent. Are you a lover of anime, cartoons or comics? Or, did you have a strong connection with a Saturday morning cartoon or comic series while growing up? What if you could bring back that same excitement, enthusiasm and connection?

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Wonder Woman (2009 Film) Animated Movie Review

Wonder Woman (2009 Film) Animated Movie Review

The 2009 Wonder Woman movie is one of DC’s hidden gems as far as animated films go: you have absolutely everything you could ask for in a Wonder Woman story (epic elements, great battles, solid moral values, and heartfelt emotion) and it delivers with a solid pace, not wasting time and doing justice to every character that appears on the screen. I often wonder how much the 2017 live-action film took from this because there are many similar elements, although there is a major difference in the third act.

This is a really remarkable movie that you must check out if you are a fan of Wonder Woman or if you are just interested in a good superhero story. Definitely worth your time.

What to do with Shazam/Captain Marvel in DC comics.

What to do with Shazam/Captain Marvel in DC comics.

Ever since DC got the rights for Billy Batson and his powerful alter ego, the company hasn’t managed to get the character going for a sustainable comic book beyond Jerry Ordway’s solid 90s run, The Power of Shazam!, which lasted for 48 issues plus an annual. But there have been multiple attempts to give the character a much-needed refresh, reboots, and whatnot, and yet, these stories never manage to catch on with readers or maintain a stable book. And this begs the question: What’s the problem with this character and why can't DC manage to make him work on a critical and commercial level?
Animated Apparel Co. Products You Cannot Miss in the New Year 2020

Animated Apparel Co. Products You Cannot Miss in the New Year 2020

Animated Apparel Co. has long been famous as a supplier of clothing and accessories that meet your favorite about cartoons, anime, and comic characters. The movieaholic can easily find what they need in the brand's collection. These products are all in very good and unique quality that clearly shows the wearer's personality, making you immiscible with anyone.

Here are some outstanding products that you should not miss.