Animal Crossings: New Horizons Review

Animal Crossings: New Horizons Review

Rob Roy
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Much like Pokémon in many respects, Animal Crossings has amassed a large fanbase following the first release in the ever-popular franchise. So much so, it's hard to escape the feverish hype surrounding Animal Crossings New Horizons.


And little wonder. Besides, Animal Crossings provides soothing escapism from the frantic firefights and fast-paced shooters of the current day. A series, every bit a social simulator. But with therapeutic qualities more in tune with casual gamers.


In turn, this gives the game an exclusive niche to work within.


So, there's little wonder, the hype around 'New Horizons' has been so high. But how does the game shape up? Well, stay with us. As of today, we look at the latest venture in a long line of classic sims.


A Fresh New Look

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Overall, Animal Crossings New Horizons still retains the colorful art style of its predecessors. But impressively, it does so while adding extra levels of detail in places you wouldn't think of looking. The accumulative effects of which lead to plenty of candy.


For instance, intricate character costumes and things like flocked fur, really help inject the games cute and cuddly cast with endless soul and personality. All while staying true to the core visual style. In truth, it's a huge stride forward—Albeit, a faithful one. At least in terms of visuals.


From a visual perspective, everywhere you look, Animal Crossings, New Horizons is a sight for sore eyes.


Refining A Familiar Formula

Image of Gamplay from Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Animated Apparel Company
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By now, we all know the score, and the following theme has remained constant throughout the franchise. Get yourself acquainted with a new community, aid its growth, help it expand, and forge friendships—preferably animal ones, in the process.


Sound like something you can handle. You bet!


Instead, this time around, 'New Horizons' has gone above and beyond previous entries by further refining pre-established systems. The result is a detailed management sim that gives the player freedom to roam and explore while issuing a scaling sense of satisfaction for projects ticked off as complete.


It's the acute attention to detail, too, concerning real-time events that give the game a fresh lease of life—things like real-time store hours for merchants. But also, construction projects taking real-life time to complete, makes the whole process hugely gratifying in a way few games can master.


With a near-endless array of things to do and see, Animal Crossings New Horizons demands you be in it for the long haul. But those hours always feel wholesomely spent. No matter what you end up doing.


From fishing and farming to building and construction, it's all too easy to whittle away the hours, and there's plenty of pay-off during each season that passes.


Always Better with Friends

Image of many characters from Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Animated Apparel Company
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Now, the single-player mode is all well and good. But as is the case, all too often in life, shared experiences are the most memorable. And in many ways, that philosophy extends into Animal Crossings New Horizons. Local wireless play allows friends to enter each other's worlds upon invite. Wherein, they'll get to show off the finely flourishing fruits of their hard endeavors. 


Similar in many ways to Minecraft, it's also lovely to co-exist in the same world with a friend. And in turn, share the benefits. Some of those are social, which could act as a serendipitous blessing considering current world affairs.


All in all, Animal Crossings New Horizons carries on with the qualities inherent of previous games. But it tweaks just about every aspect to conjure a more polished, and ultimately more satisfying social sim than ever before.


For fans of the franchise, this is a must.


What do you think? Is it the best game to date? Give us your thoughts down below.

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