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PlayStation 5 Showcase: Here are some of the exciting game reveals

PlayStation 5 Showcase: Here are some of the exciting game reveals

Waleed Qaisrani
4 minute read

Sony hosted an online PlayStation 5 showcase event, on the 16th of September, with its biggest announcements. They officially revealed trailers and first looks at 28 exclusive games for their fans from all over the world. The biggest announcement revealed some exciting and wonderful releases for the year 2020 and 2021. The event primarily focused on revealing their breath-taking games throughout and finally announced and confirmed the release date and price of their two new models of the next generation gaming consoles, Sony PlayStation 5 and Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.


Yes, you heard it right! There are two models of the new Sony PlayStation 5 which we will talk about later. Talking about the pre-orders, they are already closed prior to their live event. However, don’t worry the booking might still open before the actual launch.  

Without further ado let’s jump in the talk about the most exciting games revealed on Sony’s live showcase:


Spider-Man: Miles Morales

The most awaited game of Marvel character, Spider-Man, has finally been displayed in Sony’s live games showcase. Spider-Man: Miles Morales had an in-depth gameplay display in the first glimpse of the event. The gameplay displayed Miles Morales dealing with some threats related to rivals of his mother in her political campaign in the neighborhood of Harlem.


Image of Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Spider-Man: Miles Morales will cost you around $50 but if you are thinking about purchasing its deluxe edition with a remastered version then it’d cost you $70. This game is confirmed alongside the launch of PlayStation 5 on November 12th. The game will also be available for existing PlayStation 4 consoles and will be upgraded for free when they will buy their consoles. 


Final Fantasy XVI

The trailer of Final Fantasy XVI was debuted by Square Enix on Sony’s live showcase event. The latest Final Fantasy XVI is a long-running RPG game and it will be an exclusive game for the PlayStation 5. This game is a little different than its previous version, Final Fantasy XV, which was also released on Xbox One. The first look of the game showed a traditional and fantastical display with some political bases. The release date of this game is not announced in the live showcase but footage of its gameplay on PC was displayed. 


Hogwarts Legacy

The most exciting and the most awaited announcement of the live showcase was from Avalanche Studio, a game from the Harry Potter universe. The game is titled ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ which has finally been announced and revealed in Sony’s live event. Hogwarts Legacy is based on the early 1800’s life of Hogwarts and is an open-world RPG game in which your action would shape the Harry Potter world. In this game, you would get a chance to learn customized and new spells to fight with unknown dark forces by teaming up with amazing and iconic game characters. This title is expected to be released in the year 2021.


RAGNAROK - God of War Sequel

At the end of the event, Sony unveiled the logo of God of War’s sequel – RAGNAROK. A hint of the most awaited Ragnarok was the most beautiful moment in the whole showcase. The brief teaser only had a glimpse of ‘Ragnarok is coming’ at the end of the showcase. This title is developed by Sony Santa Monica Studios and confirms the early rumors about the game by series director Cory Barlog on Twitter. At this point, very little is known about this title so we cannot say more! 


Image of Ragnarok from the Playstation 5 Showcase


Release Date & Price

Sony has confirmed the price of their two next-generation gaming consoles, the original Sony PlayStation 5 along with its digital edition. The standard version is going to cost you $499.99 whereas the digital version is for $399.99. The official release date of this next-generation console is the 12th of November in some countries and the 19th of November in the rest of the world.


Image of PlayStation 5 Prices from the PlayStation 5 showcase

Sony PlayStation 5


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