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Bleeding Edge Review

Bleeding Edge Review

Russell Crooms
5 minute read

Bleeding Edge Review - Animated Apparel Company


Bleeding Edge is a 4v4 team-based brawler recently released on the Xbox One and PC. As a die-hard Xbox fan, we don't see many exclusives these days so it was nice to see such an unexpected surprise on my Xbox Dashboard. After sinking quite a few hours into this title, I decided to share my thoughts in this initial review. Sit back, and relax and enjoy our official review of Bleeding Edge. 


What is Bleeding Edge?  



Well... There really isn't a story. Bleeding Edge is set in a futuristic world where body enhancements and augmentations are the norms. In the opening video, we are introduced to the colorful cast of characters this game has to offer. These characters with their augmentations have decided to create a fight club of sorts which they call Bleeding Edge. They fight for no other reason then they just simply like it. The character designs and the overall aesthetics of the world are bright, colorful and fun. 



Colorful Cast of Characters

Bleeding Edge Character Select Screen - Animated Apparel Company

Image Credit: Ninja Theory and Microsoft Game Studios

One aspect of this game I thoroughly enjoyed was its wonderful cast of characters. Each character is brimming with personality and has their own unique playstyle and special abilities. If you want to succeed at Bleeding Edge then you must work as a team. Battles are easily won when you stick with your teammates. This also makes character selection extremely important. Choosing the right character before going to the battle is absolutely critical.

Currently, there are 12 characters to choose from in one of the 3 classes either Damage, Support, or Tank. Damage characters are usually quicker and specialize in ranged or close attacks. Their attacks will do a decent amount of damage, and their special abilities can give them an edge in combat if used properly. 

Support characters are our healers (this class is currently my favorite). In the support class, there are three characters you can choose from, but each character has their own unique set of support abilities. These abilities can range from healing your teammates individually, to spawning a huge bubble shield to prevent incoming attacks. Most of the matches I entered didn't have a healer, so I ended up choosing this class most often. My teammates were especially grateful. 

Last but certainly not least is our Tanks. There are three Tank characters to choose from, and these guys can really stack on the damage, but they are not as agile as the Damage class of characters. They can be tough to take down without help. I'd recommend having at least one of these character types on your team. 

How was the gameplay? 


For my initial review, I played this game for several hours and had an absolute blast. I later hoped on with a buddy and he and I played a few more hours to get a really good feel for all that the game has to offer. The overall game mechanics are solid. The controls are responsive, and this game is pretty simple to pick up and play. There are several tutorials which I would recommend playing first, as they will really shorten your learning curve and provide useful information.


Even though we had a blast the first few hours of us playing this game the enjoyment soon faded. The primary reason for this is there are only two game modes currently, objective control and power collection. Objective control is your typical controlling of the three main objectives A, B, and C. Bleeding Edge does add a few things to the mix to keep the gameplay interesting here. First, the points will move throughout the map which keeps you on your toes, and the second is defeating enemy combatants adds points to your overall team score. These help this mode feel more unique, but the way Bleeding Edge is designed it's almost impossible to avoid a fight anyway.  


The Power Collection mode was my favorite out of the two. In this mode, the objective is to collect the power cells which spawn at the beginning on certain parts of the map. Once you've collected the power cells they must be deposited, which can only be done at certain times and the enemy time is also racing to deposit these cells. Cells can also be obtained by defeating enemy combatants. This mode really felt new and refreshing. 


Final Thoughts 

Image of Man holding Xbox One Controller - Animated Apparel Company

Image by Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

Bleeding Edge is a fun party game that lacks content to keep gamers coming back for more. Which is a shame as the game is built on a really solid foundation. I loved the cast of characters and initial gameplay but simply felt bored after hours of play. I would love to see the developers add more game modes, and give the player the option to select which game mode they would like to play. This may be wishful thinking, but I would love the ability to play offline and mix up the matches. Maybe I'd like to a 2v2 or 3v3, depending on how many friends I have, but this may be a couch co-op fanboy talking. 


Now it's time to hear from our readers. Have you played Bleeding Edge? If so, what are your thoughts? What did you like or dislike about this game? Feel free to let us know below, and check back with us for new future video game reviews

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