Captain America Might be Returning to the MCU!

Captain America Might be Returning to the MCU!

Russell Crooms
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We have just uploaded our most recent YouTube video and this one highlights some of the rumors circulating around Captain America’s return to the MCU. I am a huge Captain America fan, and I would love Cap to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in one form or another.

What does Captain America’s return mean for the MCU?

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After the most recent set of rumors, this is one thing, I cannot help but think about. In Avengers Endgame we did see Captain America give his shield to Falcon. This was such a touching moment for fans of the MCU and a proper send-off for Captain America. I just cannot see Captain America coming back, taking his shield and ruining this moment. It’s possible that Captain America comes back but in an entirely different way than we expect. Maybe he is there in a few brief cameos, or maybe Captain America returns as an agent for Hydra. Then Falcon and the Winter Soldier may work to free Captain America. The possibilities are endless.

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