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DOOM Eternal Review

DOOM Eternal Review

Rob Roy
4 minute read

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For many, the original Doom is one of the most influential video games of all time. After having helped usher in the age of first-person shooters. As an IP, it's also unique in that it offers fans of the franchise, a lethal dose of relentless gameplay, which revolves around rocksteady gunplay.


But every franchise has its ups and downs. Besides, you can't stay consistent or keep close to perfection permanently. So how does Doom Eternal, fair? And can it emulate the success of previous entries in the developer's prestigious series of games?


Join us today as we delve deep into id Software's latest gore-fest.


Can I get a Hell yeah?


Gripping Gameplay

Image of Gameplay from DOOM Eternal - Animated Apparel Company
(Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks) 

The Doom engine has always relied on and centered around one fundamental premise. And that's the fast-flowing nature of its gameplay. Each level acts as a momentous surge as you purge monstrous hordes of demons. Thus, banishing them back to hell, and the bowls of oblivion.


That notion of forward-movement has always been pivotal to the player experience. And thankfully, none of that sense is lost in Doom Eternal. In Doom Eternal, slick and seamless traversal with the use of double-dash, and double jump at fizzingly nauseating speeds, allows players to master surrounding terrain, outwit enemies, and gain the strategic advantage.


It all feels incredibly fluid. And that pacing is part of Doom's DNA.


On top of that, combat is equally impressive. Whether running and gunning, going in all guns blazing or getting up in the enemy's grill with close-quarters melee, the range of attacks and the wholesome host of option open to the player, provide wildly different outcomes.


In turn, this garners a great sense of gratification.


Old Doom Slayer, New Tricks

Image of gameplay from DOOM Eternal - Animated Apparel Company
(Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks) 

Down the years, the ultimate demon slayer has always been well equipped but never overpowered enough to tarnish any sense of challenge.


And that delicate balance lies at the fast-throbbing heart of Doom.


That formula remains true in Doom Eternal. But here, new strategic layers have been added to the game's central structure. For instance, tougher enemies now share weak points. These allow you to disable or nullify defenses.


By that, I mean tactics such as carefully placing sticky grenades on Cacodemons will expose them. All the while, targeting specific limbs will make them vulnerable to a savage close-up kill.


Unlike other Doom games, this allows you to tailor each firefight, using a concoction of attacks at your disposal. 


On that front, let's talk about the kills. That why we're here, right? Well that, and the thumping OST. That does rock.


For those with a fetish for the ultra-violent gore, Doom Eternal does not disappoint. On that note, this time around, there are many more animations to enjoy. Those of which provide a series of stomach-churning death scenes—each one, as sickeningly savage as the next.


Even so, each finisher perfectly captures the spirit of Doom. While the fast and frantic combat, so synonymous with the series, lives on for a new generation.


All in all, Doom Eternal follows the formula laid down by its forefathers. But more than it, it expands on the existing architecture. Thus, adding new strategic and tactical elements for players to pursue. Even so, the barnstorming brutality of Doom. But also, it's gore-ridden gameplay captures the spirit of the series in true trademark fashion.


What do you think? Is Doom Eternal the best one yet? Or do you prefer the original? As always, we want to get your take on affairs. So why not have your say in the comments.

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