Flash Forward #3 Review by Kevin Tanza

Flash Forward #3 Review by Kevin Tanza

Kevin Tanza
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Scott Lobdell wasn’t anybody’s betting horse to deal with the Wally West conundrum after the Heroes in Crisis event. The man has written a few good stories and has a lot of experience in the industry, but he has also received a lot of criticism and a lot of it I think is really unfounded. Regardless, Flash Forward has been a joy so far and Lobdell seems to be winning people over with his resurrection of Wally’s character.

In this third issue, we see Lobdell addressing a topic that hasn't been dealt with and has quickly been forgotten during Heroes in Crisis: the fact that Wally had killed one of his best friends, Roy Harper. Instead of being a somber and cynical analysis of that event, the former X-Men writer takes this issue to value their friendship and what it meant to Wally.

What is Flash Forward #3?

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Wally is in the Gotham City of Earth-43, where the vast majority of the Justice League has turned into vampires. As he fights against the likes of Superman and his Flash mentor, Barry Allen, he is aided by that universe’s version of Roy Harper, also known as Arsenal, who is the last hero standing in that universe.

Both of them decide to go to Batman’s cave because he is the leader of the vampire hordes and there we have a climactic battle where Roy gives his life to protect Wally and the latter mourns his friend’s death, now understanding how much of a hero he was and how he should be remembered as such.

How was it?

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As I have said before, the death of Roy Harper was pretty much ignored during the Heroes in Crisis event and it seemed very out of character for Wally to not properly mourn one of his best friends. In this issue, Lobdell gives their friendship center stage and it works really well: it feels natural, endearing and an honest representation of what you would do if you had one more day with your deceased friend.

But even leaving that aside, this issue is a fun ride with Wally dealing with vampire versions of the Justice League; there’s non-stop action from the very first page and the pace is really good, flowing in a very natural manner. Perhaps my only real gripe is that I would have invested another page to Roy’s death given its a pivotal moment of the issue and I think that particular part felt a bit rushed.

I give a lot of credit to Lobdell on this miniseries because his job wasn’t easy at all considering how much the Heroes in Crisis event damaged Wally’s character, but in just three issues he has managed to take him back to the path of heroism and showing him once again in his best light.

What about the artwork?

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Brett Booth continues to deliver fantastically and I like seeing him going a bit out of his element with the vampire element of this issue, which adds more variety to his work. And as I have said before, I don’t think there’s an artist better suited to draw Wally West like Booth and it’s really showing in this miniseries.

It was also nice seeing Roy Harper again. His work with Dan Abnett in the Titans book during the Rebirth era was fantastic, so it’s always entertaining to see a bit of that here.

What it represents?

Comic Book Panel of Wally West holding Roy Harper

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Flash Forward issue #3 is another great chapter of a great miniseries. Lobdell and Booth have done a phenomenal job in taking the character back to his roots and to what he represents as a hero with a fun set of stories that are superhero comics at their best.

If you haven’t read this miniseries, it’s definitely worth your time and you should keep an eye on future issues.


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