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GTA VI Release: Bad News for Grand Theft Auto Fans

GTA VI Release: Bad News for Grand Theft Auto Fans

Waleed Qaisrani
3 minute read

Grand Theft Auto fans are waiting for the reveal of next game of the series but they might deal with some bad news for now.


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Another day with another rumor about GTA VI has left its fans in dismay. GTA has been very popular from the early days and still is among all kinds of gamers. Every kid has played this game at least once in his life. It is one of those highly anticipated games that, no matter how, makes its place in the gaming world. Even though GTA VI has not been announced yet by officials but it’s still making its way to the top of gaming news. Daily rumors about the release of this game surface but our fingers are still crossed. Fans are desperately waiting for a hint of the new GTA VI from Rockstar officials but there is no word from them.

GTA 5 is considered as one of the most successful games of all time in the entertainment industry, so it is highly likely that GTA 6 is somewhere in the pipe. Jason Schreier a well-known journalist said that the next GTA is in its development phase but fans are still waiting for an official statement to come. In the meanwhile, there have been a lot of rumors regarding the new GTA 6 release date but they are obviously rumors.




Diamond Casino, when updated the reveal of GTA V online last year, convinced many fans thought that GTA VI is also on its way too. Also, In GTA online near Vinewood, fans spotted curious signs which grabbed their attention. On one of the walls, there were words of VICE and SER whereas on the other wall a DIAMOND sign with numbers 5 and 10 was imprinted. GTA VI is rumored to be based on Vice City and fans are really convinced that these signs were the hint of the potential release of GTA VI. It was also concluded by some of the fans that it was a reference to the Easter egg on October 5 or May 10.  However, both the dates have passed and we have still not seen a single sign of the new game.


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“Ability Cards in 'GTA 6' could make co-op heists even more interesting”
Rockstar Games


So, the real question is when is Rockstar announcing or revealing the new GTA VI?

It is highly likely that October 5 was the actual release date but due to COVID-19, as some fans on Reddit talked, the release of the game has been delayed. Apart from all this we still don’t know when it is coming. However, the fans should keep an eye for any alleged leaks.


Is Sony going to Release GTA VI on PS5?


There was an anonymous poster from a third-party developer which claimed that Sony has paid a lot of money to Rockstar games to get timely exclusive rights for GTA VI. According to this poster, Sony wanted to release the new GTA VI on their next-generation gaming console that is PlayStation 5.

The interesting thing about this rumor was that it revealed some other details about PS5 prior to its release and they were all true. This gives some credibility to the claims of this rumor, especially regarding the release of GTA 6.

Do you really think it is true? Or it is just another rumor?



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