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Here is Why Hades is this Year’s Dark Horse, and My Favorite Game of the Year

Here is Why Hades is this Year’s Dark Horse, and My Favorite Game of the Year

Waleed Qaisrani
3 minute read

Expectations were high when indie game developer Supergiant Games announced that their next project was a Greek-Mythology roguelike game. Hades came out in mid-September, and gamers all over the world have been obsessing over it. From vibrant graphics to its adherence to authenticity, with an added touch of humor to the interactions between characters, Hades has proven to be a the complete gaming package and has managed to become one of the most popular games of 2020, and my highest-rated game of the year.

Image of character from the video game Hades - Animated Apparel Company

The Perfect Roguelike Experience

In a conventional game, the death of the playable character at any level is an indication of failure; you have to replay that particular level to move on and make your character grow. Hades, however, adds new layers to the character and the environment every time a resurrection occurs.

Like any other roguelike experience, Hades also resets the spatial progress of Zagreus (the playable lead in the game, who is the prince of Underworld, and Hades’ son) but it keeps on adding to the experience at every reset. The volume of information at your disposal keeps increasing. Each interaction with the members of the realm feels fresh, and each resurrection allows Zagreus to spend more time with his fellow residents of the realm.

Hades Video Game - Animated Apparel Company

Adding layers of information at every reset allow the player to understand the bond between Zagreus and his fellow residents of Mount Olympus. The player gets to feel the affection that the lead has with other characters in the game.

Besides the fresh interactions, Hades offers a wide variety of in-game features that ensure a fresh experience every time the character resurrects. The different weapons, along with their various add-on modifications, make for unique combat at every reset.

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On the whole, the creators seem to have done great work in ensuring that the player always has the incentive to keep pushing themselves to go through one more loop, as all these features are bound to motivate the players throughout the game’s duration. The magic of Hades lies in the fact that despite being a roguelike, the repetition is minimal.

A Rewarding Experience with a New Perspective on the Underworld

Underworld is supposed to be filled with souls of the dead and has dark, gloomy vibes associated with it. In Hades, the realm of the god of the dead presents itself as a vibrant place that is occupied by interesting characters. This creatively crafted version of the Underworld is a sight to behold for the gamers. The isometric view maximizes the stunning aesthetics.

Image of the Hades Video Game

At the center of the story is the frustrated Zagreus, who wants to get out of his father’s realm and reach Mount Olympus. Throughout the story, he receives the tools and wisdom of other Olympians who are supporting him. All in all, the game has an impeccable storyline that has impressed gamers and critics alike.

If you’re about to play Hades, you are in for a magical experience that, along with all its enjoyable features, will reward you for adapting according to the oppositions’ strengths, and will allow you to have a fair fight against the obstacles.

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