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Highlights from the Microsoft Xbox Series X Live Event

Highlights from the Microsoft Xbox Series X Live Event

Waleed Qaisrani
4 minute read

Xbox Series X console is in the limelight for the second time after Microsoft held another mind-blowing virtual event for its gamers which started at 12 p.m. ET. on Thursday, July 23. They promised 5 brand-new and exciting party games for the users of Xbox Series X and their details were announced today.

Microsoft games showcase gave us a first look at the gameplay of the most awaited game, HALO Infinite. Halo infinite displayed breathtaking graphics, running exquisitely at 60 frames per second.

Are you guys excited for the new HALO Infinite as well?


Image of Gameplay from Halo Infinite - Animated Apparel Company

HALO Infinite – The First Look
Image Credits: Microsoft Corporation


Chris Lee, the studio head at HALO Infinite 343 industries, unveiled to fans the presence of a mysterious new halo ring several times larger than the previous one. Adding to this he stated that the HALO community would now experience bigger battles and more epic outlooks.

At this time, Microsoft has stated that HALO Infinite will not be released until the end of July, although that was almost obvious after the reveal of PlayStation 5.

Let’s get started and jump into the Microsoft game show highlights and see what other amazing games are going to be released soon!

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In this event, the second most awaited game, FABLE was also announced, making Xbox fans around the world go wild! After months and months of waiting, Microsoft has finally revealed the outlook of the new FABLE game which is heading to the Xbox Series X gaming console and Windows 10. Microsoft announced that it would be a “new beginning” for the franchise of FABLE games.

The trailer for FABLE begins with a breathtaking view of a forest, where we see a fairy flying through it which later gets killed by a frog. And that’s all there was to it!


Image from the official Fable Trailer - Animated Apparel Company

Image Credits: Microsoft Corporation


They have revealed only a glimpse of the most awaited game ever which is currently being developed by Forza Horizon. FABLE had a long pause in development and since 2010 there has been official news of a new game. However, in 2016 there was an announcement regarding the release of Fable, but it was canceled soon after.

The exciting news does not end here!

Microsoft also announced the development of the wonderful racing game, Forza Motorsport. They have revealed that the game is still in its development phase, but from that first viewing of its 4K and 60 fps trailer, I skipped a heartbeat. The game exhibits delightful graphics for racing game enthusiasts, with the involvement of advanced ray-tracing technology which allows fans to be able to experience detailed gameplay featuring shadows and highlights. The ray-tracing technology coupled with 60 fps and 4K resolution is going to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the history of racing games and will allow light to reflect off the surface of cars.


Image of the new Forza Motorsports Gameplay - Animated Apparel Company

Image Credits: Microsoft Corporation


Microsoft has declared the most remarkable set of games seen this year for gaming fanatics. In the live showcase, more than twenty exciting third-party games were also revealed including State of Decay 3, Avowed, Destiny 2, War Hammer - Dark Tide, Psychonauts 2, The Outer Worlds, Tell Me Why, Everwild and many more!

During the game show, most of the smaller third-party titles were revealed in the middle, including the ones mentioned above. However, the beginning featured the fantastic HALO reveal and the end was saved for the amazing FABLE, which kept the interest of the audience at all times during this event.

The overall Microsoft game showcase was one of the best we have seen so far and engaged fans from all over the world. We now have to wait for the release of these amazing games and I hope to see more wonderful games from Microsoft in the near future for the Xbox Series X gaming console along with Windows 10.



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