Innovating and Branching Out Further – Razer’s Latest Futuristic Concepts Show the Ever-growing Strength of the Tech Giant

Innovating and Branching Out Further – Razer’s Latest Futuristic Concepts Show the Ever-growing Strength of the Tech Giant

Waleed Qaisrani
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Over the last 15 years, Razer’s name has become synonymous with the gaming industry. Razer’s groundbreaking work has paved way for some great innovations in gaming technology, and its products are one of the main reasons why PC gaming is still alive and competing with other consoles.

For a tech giant that is dedicated to rolling out cutting-edge gaming technology, Razer has evolved from humble beginnings into one of the biggest tech houses in the world. Continuing its innovative tradition, the company recently announced concept designs that have got us all excited a bit about the future - something that is desperately needed these days. Below we try to cover everything that we know about the concepts, named Projects Brooklyn and Hazel respectively.

Project Brooklyn – the Futuristic Gaming Chair

Razer has already revolutionized the gaming experience with the introduction of Iskur, which has been labeled by many as the ideal gaming chair for its comfort, convenience, and aesthetics. By announcing Brooklyn, Razer has given an indication of further refinement of the overall gaming experience.

Brooklyn’s most striking feature is its built-in display, which, when realized, will definitely transform the gaming experience. The retractable 60-inch OLED screen will surround the gamer, and the panoramic display will add to the realism of whatever is being played. Another one of the chair’s unique features is the haptic feedback system, which will optimize the comfort and convenience of the gamer. As a result, Brooklyn will essentially convert into a gaming chair that is customized to suit your actions, posture, and reflexes, and will become the best gaming assistant you could have. Another feature of this chair is the convertible armrest that can turn into a table to facilitate PC gaming.

While it may never actually be developed in the near future due to the seemingly high cost of all the features, Brooklyn’s design concept will surely act as a guide for the future development of gaming chairs.

Razer Gaming Chair - Animated Apparel Company

Razer Gaming Chair - Animated Apparel Company

Project Hazel – The Smart Mask

The general response to these concepts indicates that Hazel stands a lot more chance of being realized soon. This futuristic mask is as beautiful as it is effective. Its air ventilation mechanism puts it on par with N95, which is the most protective mask available in the market today. It incorporates 2 smart pods, which filter at least 95 percent of airborne bacteria. The rechargeable ventilation disc is capable of being fully sanitized by UV light. The mask also solves the occasional issue of inaudible voices with a built-in microphone and amplifier. The center part of the mask is transparent, which means the face of the wearer remains visible.

Hazel’s concept visuals show the mask to be incredibly aesthetically pleasing, and its slick shape is complemented by the exterior lighting display which is capable of creating 16.8 million colors. It is also revealed in the concept that the mask would solve the issue of fogging that people face while wearing glasses. All-in-all, Hazel prioritizes health as well as presentation, and if released, will certainly make mask-wearing fashionable.

Razer Face Mask - Animated Apparel Company

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