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PS5 vs Xbox Series X  Insider Reveals and Rumors Regarding Next Generation Gaming Consoles

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Insider Reveals and Rumors Regarding Next Generation Gaming Consoles

Waleed Qaisrani
4 minute read

Next-generation gaming consoles are now just a few months away from being released. Both Sony and Microsoft have revealed that by the end of this year, gamers will have these incredible consoles in their hands. Microsoft has officially announced the release of Xbox Series X in November 2020. So now we are almost 2 months away from its release. Despite that, there is no information regarding the exact release date for both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Gaming fans are eager to know about release dates and the cost of both these consoles.

Now you might be wondering how much a next-generation PlayStation or Xbox gaming console would cost. The question is still circulating among gaming enthusiasts and there are many rumors regarding the cost of these consoles. But you don’t have to wait that long to get this information. Neither Microsoft nor Sony have officially talked about the cost of their consoles in any of their events. So, for now, we are left with only speculations and rumors that are surfacing around us.

If we dig deep into this, a wild guess regarding the cost of next-generation Xbox Series X console could be around $500 mark. This figure is considered by keeping in mind the launching price of Xbox One X which was also around $500. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if it even reaches the range of $550 or even slightly above. A similar number would make sense in every possible manner.


Image of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 Controllers - Animated Apparel Company


Anything revealed ahead of official announcements of Microsoft and Sony about their new consoles Xbox Series X and PS5 is a rumor. Every time, before the release of new gaming consoles or even other electronic devices, unofficial statements and rumors always seem to float in the market to gain surface attention. However once in a blue moon, statements from unofficial sources, usually from insiders, are considered to be true. Inside industry people or technically speaking ‘insiders’ provide credible information.


Image of the Xbox Series X Console - Animated Apparel Company

Xbox Series X
Courtesy: Microsoft


Dusk Golem is one such insider who has revealed information regarding the new Silent Hill and Resident Evil. His statements are still considered as rumors but this individual is extremely famous for his unofficial reveals.

We already know that the Hardware of Xbox Series X is slightly above the edge as compared to Sony’s PlayStation 5. Microsoft is providing high tech and advanced hardware for its fans out there to enjoy the amazing 4K gaming experience. According to Golem, on the other hand, this whole situation is not as simple as it looks. There is a completely different ball game for the two most famous consoles, Xbox Series X and PS5.

He talked about both the consoles on a thread from Resetera in the comments section and said  “I’m not going to say too much, but from some murmurings I’ve been hearing, I’ll just say I suspect this topic is going to age “interestingly” when a few more details on both platforms are revealed”

Talking about the amazing next-generation gaming console by Sony that is PlayStation 5 we can say that rumors are widespread regarding its price and release date. However, we still don’t have an official word from Sony. At this moment, we are eagerly awaiting the price of PlayStation 5. With the reveal of Halo Infinite’s first look from Microsoft, PlayStation fans are more concerned regarding its price now. The most infamous gaming journalist, Jeff Grubb, has suggested that the cost of new PlayStation 5 would be around $500 as well.  


Image of the PlayStation 5 Console - Animated Apparel Company

PlayStation 5
Courtesy: Sony


Considering all the rumors, we can have an idea that both these consoles are going to be released by the end of this year and would cost around $500 or more. I am eagerly waiting for the release of both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 because I simply love the experience of both.

Which one are you waiting for? If you have a rumor regarding the cost or release date then do share that with us in the comments section.


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