WandaVision Review - Half Way Point (First 6 Episodes)

WandaVision Review - Half Way Point (First 6 Episodes)

Aaron Waller
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WandaVision is the first Disney+ series from Marvel Studios that is within continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there have been a lot of curious things that have happened in the first 5 episodes.

Prior to the series starting, I released a video on the Animated Apparel Company YouTube channel on the things to know before watching WandaVision, but I figured since we are 5 episodes in, we should catch up here on the blog.

Now before we start, I want to preface that there will be spoilers for the first 5 episodes and although I won’t be going over every detail, I will be covering some of the major points.

To be honest, I didn’t want to watch this series until it was complete, I prefer to binge watch as opposed to watching each episode as it is released weekly. However, after I heard as to a major event happening in the Feb. 5 episode release, I knew I had to watch it before it was spoiled for me. It was still spoiled for me before watching but I had to see it for myself. \

But before we jump into that big reveal, let’s first talk about what is probably the most interesting thing from Episode 4, that Wanda Maximoff broke into the Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D.) base and taking Vision’s “corpse” to Westview where she essentially takes the entire town hostage to live her most ideal life with him.

WandaVision Vision Dead

Then in the next episode comes the big reveal that inspired me to write this blog

 post, which is Evan Peter’s returns as Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver. And if you recall, this wasn’t the Quicksilver seen in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. That spot was portrayed by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. But rather it was the Quicksilver from Fox’s X-Men franchise that Walt Disney Studio’s acquired in 2019.

There is even a clever line from Kat Denning’s character Darcy who says that Wanda “recast” Pietro.

WandaVision Recasting

But this is of course the start of what we can only assume to be the Marvel Multiverse as now characters are beginning to crossover into the MCU.

WandaVision Taylor Johnson

Unfortunately, at the writing of this article, we don’t know the implications of Evan Peter’s being back rather than Taylor-Johnson but it leaves me to have a couple of theories as to what could be happening down the line.

Wanda used her powers and has created the multiverse or accessed it in some way, albeit likely by accident, during her grief for Vision. This would explain why Pietro is different, yet Wanda still recognizes him.

They seized the opportunity as a simple retcon of the character as the MCU Quicksilver died and this version is somehow traversing the multiverse similar to Flash in the Flashpoint Paradox.

I think the first option is more likely as it is easier to explain. Plus we know Wanda will be in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Thus essentially confirming the theory right there.

With Wanda accessing the multiverse, it opens up a lot of doors to the MCU and what will likely be down the line such as the above mentioned Doctor Strange 2, it allows Tobey McGuire, Andrew Garfield and others to return for an epic Spider-Man 3 and allow the opportunity to introduce the Fantastic Four X-Men to the MCU, which WandaVision Episode 5 did on it’s own already with the appearance of Peter’s and a conversation between Monica Rambeau and S.W.O.R.D. Director Tyler Hayward about needing astronauts. Wanda’s energy may potentially be the catalyst as to how mutants come into the MCU and the Fantastic Four get their powers.

There are still 4 episodes of WandaVision remaining and a long road ahead.

Not only will we need to set the stage for the future of the MCU and could even be that Wanda becomes an unstoppable force, similar to that of Jean Grey during the Phoenix Saga, but there have been several teases to other major Marvel characters from the cast. I believe this will likely be Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange or even one or more Spider-Men, new or old, but only time will tell. 

Episode 6 has been released and even more information has been provided. In Episode 6, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular” which features some awesome throwback costumes for Wanda, Vision and Quicksilver, Pietro is talking to Wanda and mentions how he looks ‘different’. 

This is explained as Wanda not wanting to be reminded of the past. Though later in the episode when Wanda turns around, she sees Pietro with the same dead look as Vision but with the addition of the 3 bullet holes that had killed him during Avengers: Age of Ultron. 

But something just doesn’t sit right with me with Pietro’s return.

WandaVision Wanda and Pietro Halloween

Like Vision, he too has died and his self aware of the situation. But the way he talks to his sister leads me to believe that he is a representation of her more rational side, before the trauma of losing him and Vision and ultimately leaving her alone OR he could actually be a manifestation of the multiverse and as the Quicksilver of the MCU is dead, Wanda’s abilities brought her brother from another universe (the X-Men universe) to replace him and he could be working with S.W.O.R.D. gathering information as to what is happening inside the Hex as they have figured out a way to track people from outside Wanda’s fantasy land.  

The latter would add to the not wanting to deal with the trauma of her brother’s death, explain the line mentioned earlier and explain the long line of questioning that he has been asking Wanda since he appeared.

There is also Vision’s attempt to leave the Hex and I believe it curious that Vision didn’t immediately die as soon as he left but was rather being pulled back. This could be a clue that when Wanda is defeated or releases West View, both he and Quicksilver, as well as the Tommy and Billy, Vision and Wanda’s new children who appeared out of nowhere, may be able to stay alive outside of the Hex. 

There are still a lot of questions and I don’t expect every single one to be answered by the end of the series but I do hope some of these loose ends are explained to some degree. 

But I’m curious to find out what you out there in the AAC community think. Have you enjoyed WandaVision so far? Where do you think the series will lead? Let us know what you think in the comment section! 

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