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What Makes a Video Game Perfect?

What Makes a Video Game Perfect?

Russell Crooms
4 minute read

The first-ever video game, or at least the first popular or widely known) video game was created way back in 1958. It was called Pong, an abbreviation of the popular sport Ping Pong (more frequently known as Table Tennis). The game was very simple, there were 2 players, both controlling a small board, a ball, and a timer.


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Taking a serious analysis of this game and taking into deliberation 5G, technological advances, and comparing it to games nowadays, would probably make everyone who grew up playing video games feel old. 

Gaming has evolved tremendously over the years, which makes everyone think; what does the future of gaming hold? How far will the gaming technology evolve? What is a perfect game?

Here are a few things that are considered to be the most essential in modern gaming.



The gameplay is almost all that matters in a good game. If a game doesn’t have good gameplay, then it’s not fun to play, and it’s as simple as that. Getting the basics of the gameplay should be easy, but using it should be challenging. Everybody loves a good challenge while playing a game. 

Video games used to be easy but gradually became more and more puzzling and exciting to play. 

Now as games get more detailed and well-thought-out, the gameplay has improved immensely. But along with that, a lot of video games are copying (or as some would say ‘getting inspiration’) ideas from those that are more popular than them. 

This makes it difficult to find a game with unique gameplay.

Graphics/Character Design

It comes to no one’s surprise that this is fundamental to the creation of a game, honestly.

The graphics of a game are heavily significant in making the game more lively and enjoyable. People tend to skip cut-scenes either because they find them boring or because they’re too long. 

There’s no science behind it. Don’t add a cut-scene where it’s unneeded, don’t make them too long, and make sure the players are able to skip them because no re-watching is required.


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Character design (not just appearance, personality is also included in the creation of a character) is needed because it’s necessary for the player to have an emotional connection with the character which sets the mood for a sad scene or a personally moving speech about the following character or such. The graphics were extremely basic, as they were just pixels. Just compare pictures of a game that came out in the 1960’s-1990 with a game that came out in 2020.

Plot and/or Storyline 

This is mainly what differentiates modern video games from rather older video games. As the years went by, storylines became better and much more creative.

 This doesn’t mean that there’s not a fair share of uncreative games. Not every game has a storyline, but if it does, it should;

  • Make sense
  • Not be repetitive
  • Lack clichés 

There might be other points to consider, but these are the ones that occur most in games that lack an interesting storyline.


The Perfect Video Game - Animated Apparel Company


As technology evolves, so does gaming. It has slowly but steadily gone from arcades and 2-D to consoles, computers, etc. For instance, the PlayStation5 is close to release, a lot of people are wondering about further development in consoles and computers. 

With great strides in internet technology and connectivity, it has become possible for players to compete with friends and other gamers. You can practically play along with someone residing in any corner of the world.

Games that offer reliable servers, good connectivity, and larger arenas are becoming more and more popular. Some games have even given cross-platform accessibility to ensure that players on all kinds of consoles and PCs can compete on the same battlefields.

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