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Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 Episode 2: Thunder Spears - Summary, Thoughts, and Spoilers!

Attack on Titan Season 3: Episode 2

Still within the Return to Shiganshina arc, this whole episode has definitely been a satisfying one to watch. The writers really have not disappointed us, making us feel tons of different emotions. Everything was just so in place, you wouldn’t notice how long the episode was only to realize that it’s already over.

Summary of The Episode

With the battle starting as Reiner’s Armored Titan climbing the wall, the Survey corps are edged to the corner to come up with a plan to counter their enemy’s grand welcome. The smaller titans start to move to kill the horses. The squad leaders were instructed to protect those horses at all costs. Levi and Hange’s squad have been instructed to fight the armored Titan however Levi specifically was instructed to defend the horses in case of a fight against the Beast Titan.

As Reiner reached the top of the wall, he sees Eren transforming into a titan and after an audible deduction of his thoughts, he jumps off the wall to chase Eren which results into another epic fight between the two Titan shifters.

Attack on Titan Season 3: Episode 2 Review

We see Eren’s creative use of the hardening ability with the so called “Hardened Punch” by wrapping his fists with his hardening ability which allowed him to smash through the Armored Titan’s armor like Thin Ice. Reiner was definitely feeling the impacts of his punches. This was quite emotional for Eren fighting near his home. This drove him to fight with more passion.

During their fight, as both Titans disengage and distance from each other, the squad gathered around to engage a fight with Reiner. Although Reiner notices this, he didn’t seem to care knowing that their blades wouldn’t affect the armor.

Little did he know to his demise, the squad prepared thunder spears specially made to fight against the Armored Titan which blinds the titan and puts him to the ground. This really showed the new weapon’s true power, although dangerous for the user as well, they were able to pierce through the armor after a couple of blows.

With his nape wide open, the squad was hesitant to deal the finishing blow on Reiner, but Jean reminds everyone that this is what they came here for. Finally, the episode concludes with an intense shot of Reiner in the Titan’s nape and the thunder spears piercing through the nape and exploding with his seemingly final words of “W-wait!”

Attack on Titan Season 3: Episode 2 gif 

Thunder Spears

The main focus of this episode. This piece of weaponry was indeed specially designed against the Armored Titan. They’re called as such because they look like spears and make a thunderous noise when used.

Just as powerful as it is, It does still have some drawbacks as Hange mentioned. One being that the weapon is a double-edged sword that might also catch the user in the explosion when used in a space where there is no vertical escape for the user. In the episode, the environment was perfect for killing the Armored Titan.



We’ve really witnessed the arsenal of both sides of the battle in this episode. Though there is still some mystery about the Titans side, there are many questions we can’t wait to be answered in the future episodes.

For Reiner, we’ve seen a peak of what goes on in his body as he escaped death from Captain Levi. By transferring his consciousness from the head to the body. Although the last few scenes of this episode showed that he’d unlikely be able to do that. We don’t know, maybe he could transfer his consciousness to the Titan’s other body and go back to his original body. Other than that, knowing his abilities from this episode, it would never be safe to say he died from that explosion until we see the next episode.

We have also listened to a little bit of Commander Erwin’s intrapersonal thoughts and the guilt he has been experiencing throughout the years. That monologue really built up his character for us to see who he really is, a man who had a dream that only he wanted to achieve. He was so focused on himself unknowingly already inspiring others and ended up only fooling everyone and himself as he stands upon a mountain of corpses. That really did build him up as a character but also maybe to foreshadow of only to break him as a character. We’ll definitely know in the future episodes, perhaps the next one?

For manga readers, you already know what’s going to happen on the next episode. The preview has teased Bertholdt fighting against Armin. All of us better stay tuned for that and definitely hold on to the thoughts I wrote about here, because they’re going to be significant for the next episode.

We'd like to know your thoughts. How did you like this episode, and what are you excited to see next? Comment below, and share. 

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