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How to beat Goku

How to beat Goku - Image of Goku from Dragon Ball Super - Animated Apparel Company

 (Image Credit: Toei Animation) 

I am a HUGE Dragonball fan because I grew up watching the show. My first encounter with the franchise started with my Mom buying me a VHS tape of the beginning Dragonball series, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It has a colorful cast of characters, cool villains, and features the protagonist known as Son Goku. Goku is a light-hearted, battle-hungry warrior from the Planet Vegeta. Goku always seems to overcome every obstacle that’s placed in front of him! So, the BIG question is… How do we defeat Goku?

If I were a super-villain, (in the Anime world) and I wanted to come to Earth, how would I stop this menace? Goku beats everyone! Strength isn’t an object, and he always finds a way. Vegeta totally outclassed Goku when he invaded Earth with Nappa, but he lost. Frieza was leagues above Goku on Planet Namek, but he lost. Jiren was so far ahead that even the gods of the universes feared his mortal power, but still, he lost to Goku! After compiling data from all of these fierce battles, I have figured out the master plan: You have to beat Goku quickly!

In almost every situation where Goku has won a battle, the antagonist took too long to beat down our hero, and they let him build his resolve. Saiyan warriors are able to actively improve during battles, so the longer the match is drawn out, the stronger he can become. Think about this: Imagine Vegeta arriving on Earth, going full power, and beating down Goku so fast that he wouldn’t have time to understand the huge power difference. That means no Spirit Bomb, no Kaioken buffs, and no help from his friends. Let’s go a step further, imagine Jiren blowing the Saiyan off the map at the beginning of the Tournament of Power. Jiren beat down Goku so badly that he resorted to using the Spirit Bomb technique. This was a useless attack against Jiren due to the strength difference, but by pushing the energy back at Goku he was able to get his first taste of Ultra Instinct. We all know how it progressed from there.


How to beat Goku - Image of the villain Frieza in his golden form - Animated Apparel Company

(Image Credit: Toei Animation) 

If I’m a bad guy, and I’ve set my sights on Goku, I’m landing, powering up, and I’m doing work! No introduction, no big, ultimate goal reveal, and absolutely no time for Goku to push his limits. This article may, or may not have been written by a member of the Frieza Force… We’re coming for you, Saiyan!


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