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Inuyasha review and expectations for its sequel

Inuyasha Y Secuela Review - Animated Apparel Company

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Inuyasha has been one of the all-time great anime that has been part of our childhood and one that has proven to be monumental in terms of influences in the genre. The series began its transmission in the first year of the new millennium and lasted 10 years with 7 seasons and 4 films that had tremendous success, both in Japan and in this hemisphere.

And after many years, this month we received the news of this series getting a sequel by the original writer and artist Rumiko Takahashi, who is also the author of this anime and Ranma ½ as well.

Good news has been added to this announcement, and it’s that there are people involved in the production such as Teruo Sato (director), Katsuyuki Sumisawa (writer), Yoshihito Hishinuma (designer), Karou Wada (musicalization) and the Sunrise team, which was the animation studio that adapted the Inuyasha manga in the past. Although we don't know the reason why they have waited so long to continue the story, many Inuyasha fans are already waiting to know what the series will be and if it will reach the level of its predecessor.

As Rumiko is one of the most prestigious mangakas in Japan, for having contributed a lot to the animation media, there is a good chance that this new sequel, which will be named Hanyo no Yashahime (the half-demon princess), will be a great success and will have the original essence of the Inuyasha anime.

The great advantage of this new production is that Rumiko doesn’t really need to do this sequel to make money because she is one of the more influential and rich Japanese women. She will do this production while thinking of all the fans of Inuyasha series and that is the reason why fans are so excited right now.


What is Inuyasha?

Inuyasha Y Secuela Review - Animated Apparel Company

(Image Credit: Viz Media)


Inuyasha is a Shonen anime set in two parallel epochs: the Sengoku period, when civil wars were frequent among towns, and 500 years later in modern Japan. The protagonist of the story is Inuyasha, a hybrid human-demon who, when trying to steal Shikon's pearl, is sealed with a magic arrow by the priestess Kikyo, protector of the pearl, who dies shortly after asking to be burned with the pearl.

This jewel has the power to fulfill any wish that its bearer asks of it and is highly desired by demons, since the pearl increases its demonic powers and spiritual strength. Shikon's pearl reappears in a 15-year-old girl in today's Japan, who is the reincarnation of Kikyo and who one day, by accident, is absorbed by a magic cesspool that transports her to the past and leads her to meet Inuyasha, who is asleep in a tree, with the sealing arrow on his chest.

With the attack of a centipede demon, Kagome is cut in the abdomen, from which Shikon's pearl emerges. The girl releases Inuyasha from his seal, looking for his help, but Inuyasha's desire for the pearl is far greater than his gratitude and attacks Kagome. Kikyo's younger sister, Kaede seals him with a necklace that allows Kagome to have him under control.

However, in another attack by a crow demon, Kagome shoots an arrow at the demon that had swallowed the pearl and it breaks into thousands of fragments that are scattered throughout the region. Inuyasha and Kagome join forces to retrieve them and along the way, find truths that will reveal what really happened 50 years ago, and they make many friends that will help them to accomplish their goals.


How was it?


Inuyasha Y Secuela Review - Animated Apparel Company

 (Image Credit: Viz Media)


Having been written and produced in the best period of Japanese animation, Inuyasha is a jewel of an anime. Being a classic Shonen there are few chapters that don’t show bloody battles. It’s an entertaining anime that unfolds over 193 chapters and tells the adventures of its protagonists and many secondary characters that make the story even more interesting.

It’s a fantastic plot, in which they have mixed magic in the main story with a rather particular humor that cannot be classified into a specific genre. The circumstances surrounding the characters range from family problems, demonic battles, betrayals, murders, and love; because along the way, very strong ties develop between them and that gives an integral nuance to the series.

Inuyasha is an anime adapted for all audiences. Although it’s officially classified as Shonen, it could be said that the Shoujo is also present, as well as more adult circumstances, typical of Seinen and Josei genres. This is why Inuyasha is considered an immortal anime, just like its protagonist.


What about the animation?


Inuyasha Y Secuela Review - Animated Apparel Company

(Image Credit: Viz Media)


Although the animation of the main series left a lot to be desired at first, it improved over time, ending with an epic final season with more explicit battles and a great resolution. The design of each character was exquisite, including all the secondary enemies that appear around the story and fully adhering to the manga’s drawings.

The evolution of the characters was a plus in Inuyasha. Although they remained faithful to the initial essence of each character, a pleasant maturity was developed in all of them and this made the difference compared to other series that maintained a fixed personality line, making their actions too predictable and boring.

We couldn't give enough credit to the amazing soundtrack, with unforgettable songs like Change the World and the perfect music setting in each episode. It seems that the production house left its entire budget in the soundtrack and this is an aspect to praise and thank; they gave us unique and unforgettable memories.


What does it represent?


Inuyasha Y Secuela Review - Animated Apparel Company

(Image Credit: Viz Media) 


I had a very good experience with Inuyasha, because it’s a series that has a bit of everything and doesn’t fall into one genre. It’s so comprehensive and careful in its script, that from the smallest child to adults they can enjoy it without obstacles. It’s a long anime with a light plot that is entertaining and relaxed, being suitable to see it in our routines or to share it with the family.

There is no doubt that Inuyasha is a series that is worth considering and that creates many expectations around its sequel. It only remains to wait for the launch this coming fall, in the hope that Hanyo no Yashajime and its characters will surpass their predecessors and bring the world of Inuyasha back to our lives.

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