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(Spoiler Warning) One Punch Man Season 2 Review, and here's what you can expect in Season 3

After a long agonizing wait for 4 years, the most anticipated second season for One Punch Man has finally finished airing after 12 episodes. While fans don’t exactly know what to feel about the anime in its different aspects and controversies before it first aired, its ending left us all weirdly satisfied and already hyped for the next one!



Our Initial Impressions

One Punch Man Season 2 Review - Animated Apparel Company

Let’s get this established first off… Yes, One Punch Man Season 2 isn’t really one of the best second seasons in anime history. It couldn’t top the superior directing and animation with its first season. But looking at this in a positive light will actually help us appreciate the beauty in this second season.

Now from the start of the season, we couldn’t really help but feel how different the two animation studios that worked on the two seasons are. A lot of fans were definitely not happy about how the exhilarating, fast, and explosive action from Madhouse turned into awkward shot compositions, lazy blurs, and overuse of explosive noises with J.C. Staff.

One Punch Man Season 2 Review - Animated Apparel Company

However, after a few episodes later down the season, the animation started to take shape and we actually got to see the amazing talent that went behind One Punch Man’s second season. Especially with the fight scenes nearing the end of the season. Not only that, but the anime actually tried its best to stay true to the art and bring the seemingly static exhilarating scenes from the manga to a greater motion of color. 

Despite the early deficiency of the anime in the animation that the fans needed, the story itself was what we think really compensated and brought the motion of this whole anime together. Whilst the spotlight on the animation dimmed a little bit in the earlier episodes, the spotlight on the writing became even greater and the fans got to really appreciate the genius of how this anime blends comedy and action with depth that keeps you torn between emotion and humor.

How It Ended

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Here’s a little recap before we actually try to figure out what’s going to happen in the 3rd season of One Punch Man.

In episode 12, we got to see amazing fight scenes between the Hero Association and Garo. The anime has already developed Garo so much into the story, almost turning him into a protagonist you root for instead of a villain you have to despise. It was completely thrilling to watch Genos and Garo fight with both of them seemingly just on par with each other. The contrast between their abilities and fighting style were also really great to watch. 

More importantly, the fight with Bang, Bomb, and Genos against Garo was really important to the story in which they completely and utterly destroyed him, so much as him getting saved by a bird-like monster from the Monster Association and Centichoro subbing for them to save their butts. Centichoro was also quite strong even against three S class heroes but that episode of course ends with Saitama, coming out of nowhere saving the day as always!


The second season of the anime has really been trying its hardest to avoid Garo facing Saitama. This is obviously so the Garo wouldn’t just end up as a flat villain story-wise because if this was the case, the anime would’ve been so bad and could’ve been over so much sooner; neither of us want that. But the comedic obliviousness of Saitama to the threats against humanity has really made this an interesting complex between him and Garo.

You could definitely treat this second season as a season for building up the new characters and the story to the real climax that is about to come in the 3rd season. What is that climax you might ask?

As anyone might have already foreshadow from the last episode of the season, Garo gets his butt saved by a bird-like creature after a beat-down from the S-Class heroes which means he’s going to recover and wreak havoc in a huge fight next season.

What will One Punch Man Season 3 Look Like? Who’s Going To Animate It?

These are burning questions that all the fans have. Knowing the animation studio switch from Madhouse to J.C. Staff and the great backlash it has received, there might be considerations for whom will handle the next project.

Acknowledging the success of Season 1’s animation which is credited to Shingo Natsume’s connections in the industry that gave him access to a number of highly talented freelancers, who knows… maybe Natsume might come back for the next season to fix the whole mess and satisfy the angry fans.

 The Verdict

One Punch Man Season 4 - Animated Apparel Company

As much as Season 2 has been disappointing for most fans, for the rest of us, we’re honestly just appreciative of what we got after four years of absence from anything One Punch Man. It definitely may have not reached our expectations, but hold on… It’s not over yet! The story line has yet to wrap up.

That said, let’s just treat this season as the season that built up the awesomeness that is to come in season 3.

We still have yet to know more information about the 3rd season. Make sure to tune in on our website so we can get you up to speed!

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