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One Punch Man Theory: Who is Blast?

Who is Blast: One Punch Man Theory - Animated Apparel Company

Fans of the anime series One Punch Man have many questions on their mind in regards to the future of the series. Will Saitama ever fulfill his wish, and have a “real’ fight? If so, who will be his opponent? Based on the feats we’ve seen in the anime, manga, and webcomic from the Caped Baldy, Saitama’s real fight may destroy the One Punch Man universe as a whole. So far in the series, there have been no characters, heroes or otherwise, that we're able to compare with Saitama (which is the main purpose of the series). With all of this being said, there is one other hero prior to Saitama that stood atop of the hero world and his name is Blast. 

Blast is a very mysterious character, who’s identity has plagued fans since the character was first introduced. We’ve seen snippets of him in both the anime and manga, but the mentions of him are shrouded in mystery. His face is always hidden, or he is shown entirely from the back. In this article, we will go over a few theories out there in the One Punch Man fandom of who Blast is and why fans are so excited for his reveal, which we all hope will come very soon. 

This article will contain spoilers for the One Punch Man anime, manga, and webcomic. 

The Blast is Mumen Rider Theory

Image of Mument Rider from the One Punch Man Manga - Animated Apparel Company
(Image Credit: Viz Media) 

There is one increasingly popular theory out there that Blast is the C class rank 1 hero, Mumen Rider. Personally, I have several problems with this theory (please be polite in the comments). The first is Mumen Rider is his own character. He resembles the hometown hero, or some could even say the “ideal hero”. He runs or pedals in to save the day, even though he has no special abilities. He is a hero simply for the sake of being a hero and doing the right thing. 

The main issue I have with Mumen Rider being Blast theory is the performance of this character against the Demon level threat Deep Sea King. Blast is said to have brought the Dragon Level monster, Elder Centipede to near death. He’s also rumored to have defeated the greatest ninja in history, and no we don’t mean Speed o’ Sound Sonic (Even though we all know he is the greatest). When comparing the feats of Blast to the completely one-sided defeats of Mumen Rider, it’s very hard to make a convincing argument for the Blast is secretly Mumen Rider debate as Mumen Rider was clearly struggling against Deep Sea King. Mumen Rider is a great character, and one of the first to acknowledge Saitama's strength. If he were to be Blast I feel as though this would do a disservice to the already renowned “Cyclist for Justice”. 

The Saitama is Blast Theory

Image of Saitama saving Suiryu from the One Punch Man manga - Animated Apparel Company
(Image Credit: Viz Media)

There is another theory out there that Saitama is Blast. Some fans theorize, that Saitama may have sustained a head injury or trauma during a fight and due to this he has lost his memory and sense of identity. Another reason for this theory comes from the original webcomic story. In this story, we are shown some of Tatsumaki’s backstory. She was experimented on as a child due to her extraordinary psychic abilities. While being held captive she decided to hide her psychic powers from those that were experimenting on her.

Sometime later a monster began attacking the facility, and Blast shows up to defeat the Monster. Blast introduces himself to Tatsumaki and explains that being a hero is just a hobby for him. His face is purposely hidden by ONE here, and he is instantly able to recognize Tatsumaki’s hidden psychic abilities. Then he leaves Tatsumaki with the words that have inspired the character’s actions from this day, “When the time comes, don’t go expecting someone to come save you”. 

I’ll admit that when I first heard this theory and the arguments I thought this may be plausible as well, but after further review, I don’t feel this could be true either. One issue I have with Blast being Saitama is how this would affect the overall story and Saitama’s journey so far. The original purpose of us following the Caped Baldy is for him to experience the thrill of a real fight once again. If Saitama were Blast, how would this be accomplished? Blast was only able to bring Elder Centipede to near death, and the monster was much smaller then he was when Saitama defeated him. So Saitama is clearly stronger than Blast.

Second is that Blast is instantly able to recognize Tatsumaki’s psychic abilities, which only other psychics have been able to do this in the One Punch Man universe. In season one of the anime when Saitama first meets Tatsumaki he is informed of her psychic powers by Genos. If Saitama were Blast and lost his memory, would he also have lost the ability to sense other psychics? I know many of us fans love this theory, but I personally don’t feel that this theory adds value to Saitama or the story as a whole. 

Who is Blast? 

Image of Boros from the One Punch Man Manga - Animated Apparel Company
(Image Credit: Viz Media) 

After all of the theories, and opinions out there I have personally drawn the conclusion that Blast is his own character, but there are clues I feel that let us know who he may be or at the most help us decipher his personality. Many of us know that the One Punch Man world likes to either “poke fun” or pay homage to many popular anime and superhero tropes. An example of this can be seen in many of the popular characters, but for now, I’ll focus on everyone’s favorite intergalactic traveler by the name of Boros. 

Boros is introduced to us in the final episodes of Season 1 of the anime. Boros has given Saitama his toughest fight so far, with the alien taking more than one punch from our hero. During the fight Boros’ changes to his meteoric burst form in his final moments against Saitama. In this form, his hair is longer, and his speed and power greatly increase. This transformation pays homage to the Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan transformations. 

Blast is said to have been One’s allegory for the popular DC Comics superhero Superman. Superman is the strongest hero in his universe and represents the ideal “good guy” archetype. Which brings us to who we think Blast is. If Blast is similar to this character, he may take on a few of Superman’s characteristics, but remember he does have to fit within the uniqueness of the world created by ONE. Personally, I think blast will be revealed to be a character we’ve already seen in the series. One popular theory is he could be the bearded worker (credit to this theory by YouTuber Zhonin).

Since Blast’s identity is intentionally hidden from the reader, I think this makes sense that ONE does not want to reveal this character’s face as this character might just have a small change in appearances such as wearing glasses or a slight change in his hairstyle. These changes will make him seem like a totally different character to others in the One Punch Man world, but I am sure the Caped Baldy will see right through this illusion and this will be absolutely hilarious. 

Know it’s time to hear from you our readers. Who do you think Blast is? Do you think he is the hero Mumen Rider, or someone completely new? Let’s keep the comments section civil guys as this post is written all in good fun. Subscribe to our blog if you’d like to stay in the loop for more content, and visit our site if you’re interested in anime merchandise.

Russell Crooms

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  • I still believe that Saitama is Blast. I know there were people debunking this theory because of the age of Saitama and Blast’s age in the flashbacks. But here me out.

    We all know that Saitama broke his limiter, right? What if he stopped aging because of it? Additionally, he became forgetful. Since most powers come with a price, this could be possible. He could probably forgot his past but his natural self (a hobbyist just like Blast) remained because of his instincts. Remember when Garou was said to have his limiter breaking? He also don’t remember moments and said he was fighting in his sleep.

    Idk. I still wanna believe that he’s Blast. About the son, maybe his father left when he was young to fight a god-level monster where he broke his limiter thus stopped aging and lost memories.

    I don’t think Saitama being Blast ruins the whole story. There can be a really strong opponent in the universe just like Boros who didn’t come from Earth.

    Also, while reading the webcomic, I think Saitama’s story is not all about fighting. Without realizing it, he’s slowly changing the society’s perception of monsters (letting go of Garou and Amai Mask). It would be like what Garou intends to do but in a different way.

    Anyway, I really love this anime!!! I hope the author is doing well! ♥️

  • Blast and Saitama are connected-agreed. In OPM universe the current OPM is Saitama. Blast may have been the earlier avatar. Also the series favors premises such as god appearing and granting powers like with Homeless Emperor, Saitama was just an ordinary guy who wanted to do the right thing. He wanted to fight for justice, so God came and granted him powers when he was at the brink and the next OPM is likely to be Mumen Rider- Cyclist for justice.

  • In OPM universe the current OPM is Saitama. Blast may have been the earlier avatar. Also the series favors premises such as god appearing and granting powers like with Homeless Emperor, Saitama was just an ordinary guy who wanted to do the right thing. He wanted to fight for justice, so God came and granted him powers when he was at the brink and the next OPM is likely to be Mumen Rider- Cyclist for justice.

  • Personally, I think Mumen Rider could be Blast, but that something happened where Blast’s power was transmitted to Saitama causing Saitama to become ultra powerful (and lose his hair of course) and Blast to lose his memory, but still retain his desire to be a hero. However, in the flashback with Terrible Tornado, Blast’s personality is more like Saitama’s in the regard that he tells her not to expect to be rescued, something I don’t think the character of Mumen Rider would say. But that could just be a product of being ultra-powerful where you don’t care as much, but now that Blast has lost all his powers, he’s regained his compassion.

    Joe Sloop

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