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Which Anime to look forward to in 2020


2020 has been a bizarre year for everyone, but for us anime fans, we’ve had the chance to witness many great animes come out this year. Titles like Dorehedoro, although 3D, beautifully brought life to Q Hayashida’s much-loved Sci-fi horror manga. Along with the Kaguya-Sama: Love is War season 2, which made a fantastic comeback this summer. And for the cherry that we can't get enough of, Tower of God. Which for the record is not actually made by a Japanese studio, but the animation is so incredible that the international anime community can't help but love this anime.

We are halfway through 2020, and still, fantastic titles like Re:zero Season 2, Oregairu Season 3, Burn The Witch, The Millionaire Detective, etc. are waiting to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

So, if you are looking for which upcoming anime you should watch in 2020, aside from the mainstream ones, then you are in the right place. So, buckle up because I have gathered some upcoming gems that you can't afford to miss this year.


Image from the Rent a Girlfriend Anime - Animated Apparel Company

Rent-A-Girlfriend is an anime that has a very Cliché, generic title. But, trust me, the story of this anime is not only wholesome, but it has a spec of rationality to it. Although we have the same old harem setting in this anime, like, the main character, Kazuya, actually rents a girlfriend, and a certain course of events leads them to become closer. But, the adult theme of this anime with the relatability factor that the story offers makes this a wholesome watch that you can't help but fall in love with.

The Millionaire Detective, Balance Unlimited:

Image of Millionaire Detective Anime - Animated Apparel Company

The Millionaire Detective is a crime, comedy, and a somewhat serious detective show which is here to convince you that money is everything. If you thought that justice can't be bought, then our Detective Saisuke Kanbe's antics will surprise you. He is a millionaire, as the title suggests and a detective. He is someone who is not afraid to use his fortune to solve crimes and save people. With a catch, if he sees them worth the effort that is. This anime is definitely worth a watch if you are into a crime drama, and with this new take, you can be sure that this will be an entertaining watch.

The God of High School

Cover Art of the God of High School Anime - Animated Apparel Company

Another anime, based on a manhwa like The Tower of God is The God of High School. Koreans sure do love God, it seems. And, the adaptation for this anime is being undertaken by Studio Mappa. The same studio that made Attack on Titan and Dororo. If you have watched either of these, then you know what this studio is capable of producing. And to add, The God of Highschool has an incredible story, that although, revolves around a Battle Royale, and epic fight scenes, the manhwa has crazy characters that you can't help but fall in love with. This anime's manhwa is wholesome and quite impressive that I'm actually excited for it to get animated.

Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World- 2nd Season

Image of Re:Zero Seaason 2 - Animated Apparel Company

I said aside from the mainstream ones, but I can't recommend this one enough. The most anticipated anime of summer 2020 is without a doubt Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World- 2nd Season. Finally, after much clamoring and anticipation, we are getting a sequel after 4 years. The story will continue right after the somewhat cliffhanger ending of season 1, and we will get to see more of Subaru in action. If you have watched season 1, then you know what this sequel means and, in my book, is the biggest must-watch anime of this Season.


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