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Captain Marvel Merchandise Is Finally Here! To Celebrate, Here Are Three of Our Favorite Officially Licensed T-shirts

The arrival of Captain Marvel in theaters is a landmark moment for so many exciting reasons: it's Marvel's first feature film led by a woman. It's the long-awaited introduction of the storied Captain Marvel mythos, from Mar-Vell to Carol Danvers, to the big screen. Oh, and lest we forget, it's an excuse to spend a couple hours in the theater with the king of cool, Samuel L. Jackson, digitally de-aged for a shot of peak 90's nostalgia!

To celebrate this landmark release, we selectively sourced what is, in our humble opinion, some of the best Captain Marvel merchandise available. That includes a diverse line of graphic tees that Captain Marvel fans new and old absolutely have to see. Here are three of our personal favorites out of the line:


Captain Marvel "Goose" Graphic T-Shirt

Captain America "Goose" T-shirt

Early feedback for Captain Marvel revealed all sorts of new details about the tone of the film, but one consistent thing stood out: Goose, Carol Danver's ever-loyal cat!

It turns out the Marvel Studio's big man himself, Kevin Feige, is the one with the brilliant idea to double the Goose content from the original script, in what may prove to be one of the better notes from an exec to ever land on a film.

So how could we not lead with a shirt dedicated to this fan-favorite feline? This black tee with a bold black-and-white rendition of the low-key hero of the film is a must-own for the legion of dedicated Goose acolytes that will emerge from each showing of her owner's new movie.


Captain Marvel Black and White Graphic T-Shirt

Captain Marvel - Battle - T-shirt

The secret sauce of the MCU is how the old playbook for superhero adaptations was thrown out, in favor of an exuberant tone much more in line with all those decades of comic books that came before.

Captain Marvel is no exception, leaning full-on into wacky details like our girl Goose, as well as rolling out several of the classic looks of the titular character. These types of decisions make the MCU a compelling place, where characters have long histories and the bizarre storytelling possibilities are limitless.


These picks are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our full line of Captain Marvel merchandise for more of our great curated picks!

This white tee has a mostly grayscale image of one of the mid-period Carol Danvers outfits, with a bold mohawk-esque hairstyle. And, she's in the classic Captain Marvel outstretched arms energy charging pose, an image that dates back to the original Mar-Vell version of the character. It's the perfect way to show love to the comics and the new film, all at once!

Captain Marvel Nick Fury Black and White T-Shirt

Captain Marvel - Nick Fury - T-shirt

Speaking of Marvel Comics history, here's a cool tidbit many of you probably already know: Samuel L. Jackson was technically cast as Nick Fury before the MCU was even conceived!

During the run of the hit comics series The Ultimates, creators Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch put in a nod to one of their favorite actors of all time. They took full advantage of their alternate universe setting, recasting the old school James Bond-esque Nick Fury with the perfect picture of cool more contemporary to the times: Samuel L. Jackson!

They didn't ask permission but the actor, a long time comics fan, immediately expressed his gratitude for the nod. His graciousness paid off, making him the undeniably perfect choice for bringing Nick Fury to the big screen.

And now, as the MCU so deftly does, the character is being integrated into the MCU's past. So how could we not love this brilliant black tee? It's the young Nick Fury from Captain Marvel in full G-man attire, arms crossed, with a stare that turns water to ice. No accompanying logo required: you all know who it is!


These great tees are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out our full line of Captain Marvel merchandise for more awesome curated picks!

Do you agree with our picks? Please feel free to comment below. 

Russell Crooms

Russell Crooms is the founder and CEO of Animated Apparel Company. Russell has always had a vivid imagination, and has always looked for outlets to explore, create and express himself. Cartoons, comic books, video games, and movies were always a fun avenue that helped him think of new ideas while offering an escape from his daily routine. Growing up, he loved to read our watch the latest series, and he spent much of his free time drawing these characters and working on his own cartoon and comic book series. Feel free to follow Russell on Social Media using any of the methods below.

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