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Did Nick Fury Really Just Reveal the Future of the MCU? Our Impressions of the New Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer!


Sheffield, United Kingdom: Cosplayer dressed as 'Spiderman' from the Marvel Series at the Yorkshire Cosplay Convention at Sheffield Arena

(Cosplayer dressed as 'Spiderman' from Marvel)

By now, we suspect most of you have seen Avengers: Endgame. If you haven't, heed the warning Tom Holland gives before the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer and watch it before reading on!

Marvel Cinematic Universe maestro Kevin Feige and co. weren't kidding when they said Endgame really was the coda to 11 years and 22 films of serialized storytelling. Fittingly, there is no mid- or end-credits teaser. There are no new hooks seeded throughout the film to push the story on to the next arc. In an unfamiliar move for the MCU, Endgame wraps up the first mega arc in cinematic history by wrapping up loose ends and spending the last 20 minutes of screentime saying goodbye to the two anchors of the franchise up to this point.

Marvel gave us some time to process that emotional ending, wisely waiting for fans to start wondering, "what's next?" before dropping the first big hint in the form of the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. 

(Spider-man: Far From Home Trailer - Sony Pictures Entertainment) 

The trailer is a bouncy, raucous ride that brings back the same tone from Homecoming while also rolling in new plot points that recall the non-MCU Into the Spiderverse -- in more ways than one!

Far From Home finds Peter Parker reeling from Tony Stark's sacrifice during the climax of Endgame. True to the character, he feels the weight of trying to fill the void of a great hero like Iron Man, as well as some guilt over Tony's death. It's hard not to notice the thematic parallels to Miles Morales' origin in Spiderverse, with the loss of his universe's original Spider-Man serves as both a source of trauma and a wellspring of inspiration to truly become the new Spider-Man.

But these stakes are extremely personal, framed entirely around Peter's personal experience. So what does this Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer have to say about the larger, serialized story that made the first run of the MCU so compelling? Our first solid hint comes, fittingly, from the same guy who firmly established the idea of a cinematic universe way back in the original Iron Man: Nick Fury.

We get a scene that has Nick Fury introduce Quentin Beck -- in full costume as longtime recurring Spider-Man villain Mysterio -- as an ally who arrived from another dimension. Peter spells it out explicitly for us: "there's a multiverse?"

With at least three Spider-Man costumes seen throughout this teaser, a multiverse-level antagonist, and a lead looking to find himself in the wake of the death of his predecessor, it's clear that the mothership MCU isn't shy about taking a little inspiration from unconnected media like Into the Spiderverse.

Apparently the time travel rules of the MCU, as neatly laid out by Bruce Banner and the Ancient One during Endgame, have created bridges between the prime MCU timeline and many alternate universes. While this does not give us our next Thanos, it immediately establishes a new scale and range of threats that will undoubtedly affect the forthcoming films for the new MCU.

The trailer presents Beck as an ally in need of help, but even the most casual Spider-Man fans know him as a villain. Scenes alternate between showing Beck as a sympathetic ear for Peter, and having them clash in massive battles that look to take full advantage of Mysterio's major scale special effects abilities.

With a slate of Disney Plus shows set in the MCU forthcoming, including many starring characters who are dead in the prime timeline of the MCU, the new frontier for cinematic storytelling looks to be one that juggles many completely separate timelines.

With the supporting cast from Homecoming in tow, including MCU stalwart Jon Favreau, Far From Home looks to establish our new direction in a distinctive way. Even while drastically increasing the scale via an expanded multiverse, this teaser has an emotional core that puts its characters at the center.

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