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Who are we?

Animated Apparel Company is a rapidly growing online market place for cartoon apparel. Our products range from t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks and hats. Yes, we stock apparel from Marvel and DC Comics, but these are not the only ones available. There are many others from some of your favorite series. Some of which include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Hero Academia, Johnny Bravo, The Amazing World of Gumball, Tokyo Ghoul and many more. Apparel is not our only area of expertise, we also offer a wide range of accessories from bags, key chains, scarves to wallets. Isn’t that wonderful? Our company is a one stop shop for all these splendid products. Hence, be sure that any apparel you need can be found in our store. So why not view our collections yourself? Visit our official website to purchase yours Animated Apparel today.

Why us?

Are you a cartoon lover? In the current world, animated series, as well as cartoons have become very popular.  Four out of five people reading this post are currently following up on a cartoon series. We all have that favorite cartoon which gets us all pumped up, right? Anyway, these productions have won the hearts of many people within the last few years and as the days go by, cartoons are getting more and more fans. In fact, some people have incorporated them into their daily lives. For this and other reasons we cannot just let them fade into history. Never! We need something to keep them alive even long after they’re gone. Therefore, if you are a cartoon/animation fan, this is the high time to purchase a souvenir or merch of your favorite animated series. This way you will get to express your individuality to the rest of the world. In addition, you will have something to remember your favorite cartoon/animation series. Now this is where Animated Apparel Company comes in.

What we offer

At Animated Apparel Company, we offer a wide selection of cartoon apparel.

We offer up-to-date info regarding your favorite cartoon movies and series. Sometimes, frustration befalls you when we have to circle around hundreds of websites to get the release dates of your favorite cartoon movies or series, right? But here at Animated Apparel, we’ve got you covered. We will give you regular news updates on cartoon movies/series releases.

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In conclusion,

Animated Apparel Company is the right place to be. Feel free to purchase our products for yourself or the animated apparel lover in your life. Express yourself and share your love for these animated characters with everyone. Whenever you think of cartoon, superhero, or anime apparel, think Animated Apparel Company.

Russell Crooms

Russell Crooms is the founder and CEO of Animated Apparel Company. Russell has always had a vivid imagination, and has always looked for outlets to explore, create and express himself. Cartoons, comic books, video games, and movies were always a fun avenue that helped him think of new ideas while offering an escape from his daily routine. Growing up, he loved to read our watch the latest series, and he spent much of his free time drawing these characters and working on his own cartoon and comic book series. Feel free to follow Russell on Social Media using any of the methods below.

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