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Microsoft Cloud Gaming Project: xCloud

The most fascinating fact about gaming is that it brings people together. Even in this year 2020, where everyone is supposed to practice social distancing, gamers are connected more than ever. Gaming with your friends online or playing with your family on the couch, this activity establishes a basic social connection among people. Nowadays, most of us are self-isolated and working from home and at this time, this connection between gamers has become stronger than ever.

Not all gamers out there have the resources and time to upgrade their consoles every year to enjoy new releases. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has announced a new platform for all its gamers intending to boost gaming mobility. Now, gaming fans would be able to play games anywhere and anytime. This development is named as xCloud project by Microsoft that will allow the games to play games anywhere via streaming on a high-end internet connection.


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Project xCloud
Courtesy: Microsoft


Microsoft has been testing its xCloud project since last year on Android and iOS devices and they also released a trailer version for iOS. More than 10,000 people had the opportunity to try this amazing gaming platform for the first time earlier this year. In an announcement, Microsoft has said that in the initial release there will be more than 100 new exciting games for mobile phone users. Microsoft is also providing free cloud streaming of new exciting games using Xbox Game Pass. Xbox game pass ultimate users can experience new and exciting games without worrying about buying any new subscriptions.  

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Project xCloud has opened gates for the upcoming gaming generation by adapting to the new shift of trends in our environment. Gamers of this generation have different needs in comparison to previous generations. Factors like mobility and ease of playing while saving them time and effort are the priorities of gamers today. For this evolving environment, Microsoft xCloud is the ultimate platform. This project will open new doors for gaming enthusiasts by improving their communication, collaboration, and connection through one single platform that is Microsoft xCloud.

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Cloud Gaming Project: xCloud by Microsoft
Courtesy: Microsoft


The development of this new gaming platform has brought two tech giants, Microsoft and Samsung on one table. They are now collaborating to enhance the tech experience of their users by providing a unified setup for playing mobile games on laptops and laptop applications on smartphone devices. Android smartphone users will be able to enjoy high tech gaming releases by Microsoft via streaming through xCloud. This collaboration is the extension of their partnership to provide a better gaming experience for its users.

xCloud will benefit both gamers and developers by allowing them to use Microsoft resources via online streaming services. This is going to help gaming fans by resolving the issue of downloading huge amounts of data with each new update release. The remote connectivity feature of xCloud will save all this space and gamers will now play without worrying about buying a new gaming setup each year.

The main concept of xCloud gaming is remote connectivity in which a high-end internet connection is required. Cloud gaming features will use Microsoft’s hardware to run high-tech games on their server. The output of their system will then be experienced by users from all over the world via streaming online. It would just be like experiencing gameplay on YouTube video but this time with actual controls in your hands through your device at any place in the world.  

Are you excited about this new cloud gaming release too? Let me know in the comments section.

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