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The Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Trailer Hype Train. All Aboard!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is here: Animated Apparel Company  - photo credit UBISOFT

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Photo Credit - Ubisoft

The trailer for the new Tom Clancy shooter just dropped and the internet is already flooding with speculation and trailer breakdowns and it’s easy to see why. “Ghost Recon” is a long-standing franchise at this point and has its fair share of hardcore fans. Tactical shooters like that don’t come along as often as the standard FPS fare that the larger gaming populace has grown accustomed to, and while “The Division 2” had a lot of hype pre-release, the desire for news on “Ghost Recon: Breakpoint” seems to outstrip the younger franchise.

 It’s no small wonder though. The announcement trailer shows off enemies that look like a real challenge, though they do dress like they only play Hunters in Destiny. It looks like you’ll be locked in a desperate struggle against foes who are Ghost themselves, and as such, they are trained to the same degree and have superior technology and a friggin’ doom fortress that spews out armed drones like killer bees. This fact is hammered home when the trailer shows the Ghosts pelting down a narrow mountain road toward armored vehicles that would make Batman jealous. Overrun and out of options the ghosts abandon their own car to try to take them out with a care package of “Jeep Stuff” and a rocket launcher chaser, and even that looked like it barely made a scratch.



The graphics are what you would expect from a AAA title, and there’s no shortage of particle effects and god rays on display, as well as multiple locations. The trailer whips at breakneck speed from a deep forest with ancient trees and twisted root systems to the top of a snow-capped mountain range and in a cave that looks like a set from Pirates of the Carribean. This promises a giant map to explore and will no doubt provide multiple options for the cunning strategist to exploit during the game, and if the AI is programmed well, it could net your opponent some advantages against the player. Part of fostering the ever elusive “emergent gameplay” moments is geography. Unscripted moments where legitimate surprise happens is rare in games, but depending on how they set up the enemies with the terrain it could elevate the open world.

 The thing that has me the most excited however is the face reveal of what seems to be the main villain. John Bernthal pulls off his mask at the end basically saying “Bring it!” Who better to square off against in an epic showdown than the Punisher? The hype is strong with this one. I usually try to temper my expectations, but you have to let yourself have fun with a new release sometimes, and it was so easy to do watching this trailer. If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend it. It is one of the best trailers to come out in a while, and as long as you remember to keep your imagination from going off the rails, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Russell Crooms

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