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The Top Games of 2020: Our Ultimate List

The Top Games of 2020 by Animated Apparel Company 

(Image credit: CD Projekt, Naughty Dog, and Sucker Punch Productions)


The top games of 2020 category is a topic deserving of no introduction. Besides, 2019, was a revolutionary year in the gaming industry, by anyone's standards.

Kojima's daring, yet devise surrealist, and philanthropic adventure Death Stranding took plenty of the critic's plaudits, both good and bad. Meanwhile, From Software’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice cemented the developer's status on the world stage. Thus, going on to scoop the most coveted prize at the Game Awards 2019.

But now the dust has firmly settled, it's time to look forward to the bright future of gaming and beyond, as we gain insight into the top games of 2020.

So, without further or do, buckle up and join us as we embark on an epic journey to uncover the top games of 2020.


The Top Games of 2020: FF VII Remake

First, to kickstart our list of the top games of 2020 is Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII Remake. Admittedly, the development process has been anything but smooth. Even so, fanatics of the franchise will be delighted to get their hands on the much-anticipated remake, after what has been a tumultuous journey.

After the initial release was postponed and pushed back to April 10, 2020, to apply any finishing touches, it's safe to say FF VII Remake is well overdue.

That said, the mouth-watering snippets we've seen so far have certainly whet the appetite. Sure, to make the prolonged wait worthwhile.

As we know by now, the Final Fantasy VII Remake is an episodic adventure. Meaning, the first entry to hit stores will primarily focus on Midgar, the opening area from the original.

With combat completely revolutionized from the ground up and stunning cinematics throughout, this one looks like a decent contender for game of the year.


Ghost of Tsushima


Next in line is Developer Sucker Punch Production's biggest game to date; the epic, action-adventure title, Ghost of Tsushima. Releasing summertime 2020 as a Sony exclusive, just ahead of the PS5, “Ghosts of Tsushima’s central story revolves around a defiant samurai, who must repel the monstrous hordes of Mongols invading Japan.

From a visual viewpoint, the levels of polish and presentation here are simply off the charts. Plus, with access to an expansive open-world, alongside a host of jaw-dropping vistas to soak in, there's plenty to get excited for, in what is without doubt one of the top games of 2020.

In truth, I'm more interested to see the way combat plays out. But also, how it incorporates stealth into the mix. Not to mention, getting hands-on with those super-tense duels, slashing at the enemy until there's only one man left standing.

Only time will tell. Even so, the signs are purely positive.


The Top Games of 2020: Cyberpunk 2077


The third potential gem to grace this list of the top games of 2020 is CD Projekt Reds highly anticipated sci-fi infused sensation, Cyberpunk 2077. Considering the all-round success of The Witcher 3, Wild Hunt, and its critical acclaim, mass hype for this one was inevitable.

Even so, from what we've had the luxury of seeing so far, there's every chance CD Projekt Red will deliver the goods. Besides, it's hard to argue with that tremendous track record.

With extensive RPG elements, in-depth character building, and innovative combat mechanics on offer, this looks to be one of 2020's stand-out games. Well worth a spot on our list of the top games of 2020.


The Last of Us Part II


The agonizing wait is almost over. On May 29, 2020, players will finally get the chance to repatriate themselves with the post-apocalyptic world of Sony's smash-hit. The sequel to one of our industry's most celebrated games. The Last of Us.

Ever since Joel and Ellies' emotional rollercoaster ride, through a dystopian version of the United States first surfaced in 2013 for PS3, players have been itching to get their hands on the franchises follow-up release.

Now, that time is just around the corner. Better still, what we've witnessed so far, has been enough to set pulses soaring in anticipation. This time around, though, it seems as if Naughty Dog has taken the game in an ultra-violent and ultimately darker direction.

We catch up with Ellie, all grown up. From there, players must traverse a harsh and inhospitable world. Wherein, humanity is pushed further to the brink of collapse due to a mutated strain of the Cordyceps fungus. The by-product of which has led to a vicious viral outbreak, turning humans into flesh-eating cannibals. Very grizzly stuff indeed.

However, the all-important question remains. How will Joel and Ellie's epic journey end? One thing's for sure; we can't wait to discover the truth.


Ori and the Will of the Wisps


Arriving fashionably late is the platform-adventure game exclusive to Xbox and PC. A sequel to the decorated Ori and the Blind Forest. And perhaps an outside contender on this list. Nevertheless, it's an upcoming game not to be underestimated.

In truth, there's just so much to get excited about here. What with its alluring artistic style? In addition to enchanting world-building concepts. Plus, a whole host of platforming/puzzle sections, to put through the paces. Overall, this one looks set to provide endless enjoyment. But also, a grand sense of enchantment. Will the sequel surpass its magical predecessor? 

Inevitably then, we can't wait to experience number two. Great stuff indeed.

Honorable mentions include Resident Evil 3 Remake, Half-Life: Alyx, and Doom Eternal. Stay tuned for more info on those games in the coming months.

To summarize, this year looks set to follow in 2019's indelible footsteps. Thanks to a plethora of promising titles lurking tantalizingly on the horizon. Undoubtedly though, there's sure to be a series of shock-surprises along the way. Likely to coincide with the wholesome swathe of triple-A smash-hits populating this list.

Better still, there's plenty to get excited for as we embark on an epic journey into 2020.


We'd love to get a gamer's stance on this matter. Which is your ultimate pick of the bunch? Be sure to chime in through the comments section, and sign up to receive new blog posts directly to your inbox.

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