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Avengers Endgame is every comic book fan’s dream. Here’s our review [Spoiler Warning]

The moment we've been waiting for over the past eleven years is finally here - the one last chance to see all your favorites from the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy together in one place, kicking butt and taking names. Everyone on the internet is about buzzing Avengers: Endgame, but does it live up to the hype? In one word: absolutely. Keep reading for all the details. But do note that this review is filled with spoilers, so if you're still trying to get to the theater, proceed with caution.

It Gets Heavy

After the snap, you can bet all our remaining heroes are feeling frustrated, sad, and defeated, even five years later. Each one is trying their best to move on, but it's obvious that the loss still weighs heavy on them all. Cap is trying to help people move forward after the loss by hosting a support group, Tony is living peacefully with Pepper and their young daughter, but is clearly still shaken from the tragedy. Black Widow is struggling to keep it together at Avengers HQ, and Thor has drowned his sorrows in piles of junk food and beer. It seems that Bruce has come to terms with his demons, merging his human intelligence and the Hulk's powerful strength to create the unstoppable "Professor Hulk." And after losing his entire family, Hawkeye has turned to living as an assassin you might know as Ronin.

Once all the remaining Avengers get back together though, all they want to do is reverse Thanos's actions at any cost. And it turns out, the cost is a steep one. After an intense fight between Hawkeye and Black Widow on Vormir, Black Widow irreversibly sacrifices herself so that Hawkeye can secure the soul stone. And Hawkeye goes the rest of the film struggling with the fact that he could have sacrificed himself instead.

And Tony Stark, a character who has gained so much since the snap, makes the ultimate exchange - his own life to save the universe from ultimate destruction. When Thanos sees that his plan to destroy half the universe has essentially failed, he makes it his mission to retrieve all the infinity stones once again, destroy literally everything in existence, and start anew. At the last second, however, Tony grabs the stones with some signature Stark tech, but wielding their power proves too much for him. His protege Peter Parker, and his wife Pepper are there at the very end, as Tony takes his last breath. Don't expect to leave the theater without shedding a few tears.   

Captain Marvel's Appearance is Brief, But...

While the Avengers have a lot to worry about when protecting the Earth, Captain Marvel has even more on her plate. For most of Endgame,  Captain Marvel is working to fix crises on other planets and in other galaxies, but she is there when it's important. Even though her screen time only totals to about 15 minutes, Captain Marvel plays an essential role in defeating Thanos. After saving the lives of Nebula and Tony Stark in the very beginning of the film, she takes off to tackle other problems around the galaxy.

Though she appears briefly during a meeting held by Black Widow, Captain Marvel's true shining moment is when she appears to smash Thanos's ship to bits during the final battle. And though she is the newest Avenger, she is also extremely powerful, so it was absolutely gratifying to see her fight in the final battle among all the other heroes.

Time Travel Saves The Day

After Ant-Man is rescued from the Quantum Realm (completely by accident, thanks to a rat), he realizes that time passes differently there. While five years had passed in the real world, only a few hours had passed for Ant-Man. He takes this realization to Avengers headquarters, where it ends up being the glimmer of hope that the Avengers so desperately needed. With the help of Tony Stark's super tech, they are able to figure out a way to make time travel happen by navigating the Quantum Realm to grab all the infinity stones before Thanos can. 

Unfortunately, Thanos learns of this plan and is able to travel through time to meet our heroes in the present day just as Hulk uses the infinity gauntlet to bring back those who had been snapped. This means everyone is back in action to fight Thanos one final time...

Cap Has A Secret Weapon

Remember back to Avengers: Age of Ultron when Cap was able to move Thor's hammer Mjolnir just a smidge? In Endgame we find that Cap is worthy enough to wield Mjolnir in what just may be the most awesome scene in the whole movie (though there are a lot to pick from). Wait, didn't Mjolnir get smashed in Thor:Ragnarok? Time travel fixes (almost) everything.

What's Next?

Endgame hit us right in the feels, and Marvel created another winner, with box office totals smashing one billion dollars in the opening weekend alone. It's a fantastic conclusion the series that has spanned 11 years of movies. But there are a few loose ends still left untied. So can we expect to see more movies from Marvel in the future? While we don't know what's in store quite yet, we can rest assured that Spider-Man: Far From Home is on its way, along with a lot of potential for new story arcs and characters (we've got our fingers crossed for Adam Warlock). And in the meantime, check out our best Marvel merch.

Russell Crooms

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