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The DC Universe App releases September 15th. The countdown is on!

This is an exciting season for DC fans and lovers of comics as the DC Universe app will soon be launched. The DC Universe app is the new streaming app from DC Comics. It has all the fun, excitement and entertainment the iconic characters of the comic world offer at just a click away.

The DC Universe app has been designed to be more than a streaming service as it is a welcoming hub for DC fans to bask in the different characters and experiences that DC has consistently offered over the years.

The app promises a wide range of rich, creative and entertaining content and fans can look forward to something new every week. A few of the series on the app include Batman, Batman Beyond, Birds Of Prey, Justice League, Lois and Clark, Super Friends, Teen Titans Cartoon, and of course the 1970’s Wonder Woman.

Favourite comic titles such as The Batman Adventures, the Authority Series, Gothic, Green Arrow, Shazam, Year One, The New Teen Titans, Identity Crisis, Jack Kirby’s New Gods and lots more can also be accessed and subscribers can look forward to the next level of comic reading experiences.

The beauty of the DC Universe app which enhances its streaming experience and makes it stand out from similar platforms is the inclusion of digital comics asides movies. The digital comics are a perfect blend of art and technology. Fans can eat their cake and have it with the evolution of comic material from print to media, particularly with the high quality graphics resolution the app offers which can compete with regular print on a good day. The service also will be available on devices such as Apple TV and Roku.

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App Features

The app offers the following:

  • Digital comic books
  • Original animated shows
  • Original live-action shows
  • Old shows and movies
  • Comic fan forum
  • Latest news updates


The app costs $7.99/month for a monthly subscription and $74.99/year for an annual membership

 Release Date

The DC Universe app will be launched on the 15th of September, 2018.  Yeah, the official Batman Day.

 The countdown to September 15 is on and we can barely hold our excitement in as we anticipate the availability of the app and the platform it offers us to have all our favorite DC Content at a go, starting with the Titans series.

 Pre-orders are ongoing on the DC Universe website. Fans that pre-order will get 3 free additional months which adds up to limitless access for 15 months at the rate of $74.99, that’s about $5 per month. They also stand a chance to win the Ultimate Batman Studio Tour Sweepstakes which is made up of a prize package, ride in the Batmobile, visit to DC headquarters and a WB studio tour. DC Universe app users can buy Comics Merchandise, interact with other users socially and enter contests through the platform

Visit to pre-order and watch the app trailer alongside.

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Let us know what series you are looking forward to the most in the comments section below.

Russell Crooms

Russell Crooms is the founder and CEO of Animated Apparel Company. Russell has always had a vivid imagination, and has always looked for outlets to explore, create and express himself. Cartoons, comic books, video games, and movies were always a fun avenue that helped him think of new ideas while offering an escape from his daily routine. Growing up, he loved to read our watch the latest series, and he spent much of his free time drawing these characters and working on his own cartoon and comic book series. Feel free to follow Russell on Social Media using any of the methods below.

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