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Black Widow

Black Widow Character Database

Black Widow or Natasha Romanoff is an American superhero created by Stan Lee, Don Rico, and comic book artist Don Heck. She was introduced as a Russian Spy, and eventually becomes a part of the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers. On this page we will explain Black Widow’s powers, abilities, history, and help you learn more about Black Widow.

Powers & Abilities:

Black Widow does not have powers such as super strength or a healing factor, but she does have many skills that help her get the edge of over her opponents. She is an expert spy and excels and hand to hand combat. Due to her taken a version of the super soldier serum she has slowed aging, and an enhanced immune system. Through her time as a spy and at shield she has shown to be an expert marksman, and mastery over a variety of different weapon types.
Her suit does include two arm gauntlets which have had a variety of different weapons in the past such as a grappling hook, knock out gas, taser, explosives, and tear gas. All of this together, mixed in with Natasha’s years of training make her a threat to almost any opponent.
Character Affiliations: The Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Thunderbolts, KGB, The Champions.


Hawkeye, Daredevil, The Winter Soldier, Doctor Doom, Alexei Shostakov, Michael Corcoran, Tony Stark (Iron Man), Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Hercules.

History of Black Widow:

For those of you that prefer a video format I have included our YouTube video where we discuss the comic book history of Black Widow. Black Widow first appeared in issue Tales of Suspense issue 52, which released in 1964. Black Widow first appeared as a Russian spy and was the antagonist to the hero Iron Man in this issue. Over time, Black Widow did eventually switch sides, and team with up heroes such as the Avengers.

One primary point to understand about Black Widow is her mysterious past. She was born as Natalia Alianova Romanova in Soviet Russia. The character of Black Widow’s introduction into Marvel comics was as mysterious as she is as it offered virtually no back story on Black Widow. Marvel later revealed in future stories that there is little known about Natasha’s past, thus making this an essential part of her character throughout the years.

The history of Natasha Romanoff can get a little muddied depending on which issue you are looking at. As is commonplace in comic books, characters origins will change when new issues or stories or told. One thing that many of the Black Widow stories have in common is that she ends up being adopted by Ivan Petrovich. Ivan trained Natasha long before she was recruited by the KGB.
Natasha’s story does not end there. She is later saved by Captain America and Wolverine, and later gets inducted into the Red Room academy. Which we see quite a bit in the latest Black Widow movie. In the Red Room, little girls are trained in the arts of espionage, and different forms of martial arts. It is at the Red Room that Natasha Romanoff is further trained to become an assassin. Due to this training Natasha obtained weapons mastery and is able to speak many different languages such as Russian, English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, and Latin.

Early on in the character Black Widow’s costume was vastly different. She would wear a mask and a cap, but it was later in Issue #86 of the Amazing Spider-Man she adorn’s her traditional all-black costume and her wrist weapons or “Widow Bites”. Around this same time, Marvel also created more short stories centered around the character. These stories showed off Natasha’s close quarters fighting ability in the new costume.

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