We have shut down the Animated Apparel Co. website as of September 15, 2021. You may view products, but now orders can be placed.

Community Guidelines

Welcome to the AAC Universe, which is the nickname we give to our online and social media communities. We do love engagement in our community, and will accept most comments.

We do try to keep our comments section a friendly place that is free of trolls, cursing, and spam. Please be sure to flag any comments that you feel violate our community guidelines below. 

  • No Spam - If you are posting spam, or posting a URL to an inappropriate website your comment will be deleted and you'll be prohibited from commenting on our blog in the future. 
  • Try to be civil - We understand that in pop culture, ideas theories and concepts can be a touchy subject, but do please try to be civil. For the most part if you are presenting an argument that is different from the contributors we will not remove the comment. We will remove comments if they contain cursing or you are threatening the contributor in any way. 

We do not have very many guidelines here, but if you have any suggestions as a community we are always open to hearing your feedback. Please feel free to contact us here if you have additional questions.