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Genos One Punch Man

Genos is one of the main characters of the One Punch Man anime. He is the sidekick of the Caped Baldy, aka Saitama. The One Punch Man story is centered around Genos and Saitama. Saitama is the worlds strongest hero, that trained so hard no opponent could beat him in fight. So, the character of Genos was created to provide the reader with a true hero’s journey.

Genos is a cyborg that is amazed at the strength of Saitama, and from then on commits to learn overwhelming power and what it means to become a hero. Little does he know Saitama really does not have much to teach him. Either way, Genos is dedicated and motivated to become a strong hero. After signing up for the hero association, Genos was given a class S rank for his impressive performance as well as his previous heroic duties.


Powers & Abilities: Genos does not have any superpowers, but instead he is a cyborg that tends to be more machine than man. Genos has undergone extensive medical procedures performed by his doctor and mentor Dr. Kuesno. Genos can add other mechanical attachments to his body and can shoot beams from his hands. He also has super speed and keep up with many other S class heroes. Genos doesn’t necessarily have any sort of healing factor, but since his body is mostly mechanical, he can recover from just about any amount of damage.

Character Affiliations: Saitama, Bang, Fubuki, Tatsumaki, Drive Knight, Speed O’ Sound Sonic, Flashy Flash, and Garou.

Romances: None currently


The Character of Genos

Genos is not an overly complicated character. Before Genos meets up with Saitama and begins his journey from there, we come to learn that Genos family and home was destroyed by a villain known only as ‘The Mad Cyborg’. Genos was found by Dr. Kuseno, and this doctor used his knowledge to turn Genos into the cyborg. Dr. Kuseno, and Genos have been working together to find more information about the ‘The Mad Cyborg’ and get his revenge.

Genos is the opposite of Saitama. Genos is young and naïve, and he’s overly serous about becoming a strong hero. Overtime Genos continues to succeed and fail, and he seems to doubt himself and question his own ability at the end of every fight. As a viewer, we generally see the story through the eyes of Genos.

Genos is introduced in the second volume of the One Punch Man manga, and the second series of the anime. From there, the story closely follows Genos while Saitama becomes more a background character in later issues and seasons.


Reading Recommendations

If you would like to learn more about the character of Genos, I recommend starting off with volume 2 of the One Punch man Manga. From there, Genos is very pivotal to the story. If you are watching the anime, Genos is introduced in episode 2, and appears in just about every episode from then onward.


One Punch Man Volume 2

 One Punch Man Vol. 2

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