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Saitama (One Punch Man)

Saitama Character Database

Saitama is the main protagonist of the hit anime series One Punch Man. Saitama is the heroes hero. He is a character that has achieved the strength he has always wanted. Through sheer effort and will power Saitama has achieved the strength to defeat almost any opponent with one punch. Saitama and the One Punch Man anime both have become pop culture icons. You can usually find someone dressed as Saitama at just about every con out there.

Powers & Abilities:

Super Strength

Character Affiliations:

Genos, Bang, Fubuki, King, Flashy Flash, and Speed O' Sound Sonic



The Character of Saitama

Saitama starts off in the One Punch Man series as a regular guy that is having difficulties finding a job. He comes across an evil crab monster that decides to let him guy because Saitama’s eyes are still and lifeless. The evil crab monster lets Saitama know that he is looking for a little boy  that drew nipples on his chest in permanent marker.

The evil crab monster soon finds the boy, and Saitama’s instincts take over and he jumps to save the little boy. Saitama at that moment, decides to defend the little boy and states he wanted to be a hero when he was a little boy. And not just any hero, but a hero that is strong enough to defeat any opponent with one punch. Saitama goes on to defeat the crab master in a brutally bloody battle. This ignites something deep within Saitama, and from that moment forward he commits to being a hero.


Saitama’s Training Regime

Saitama’s strength has been highlighted throughout the One Punch Man manga and anime series. In these series we see Saitama complete such feats as punching the earth’s atmosphere and jumping off the moon. All which Saitama states was nothing serious at all. Leaving us to believe there is much more strength to store.

Saitama claims to have gotten so strong by his intense training regime. During the three-year period before the story takes place, Saitama did 100 pushups, 100 sit ups, and 100 squats. He repeated this exercise every single day. There were a few other things Saitama did in his training regimen which include not using the air condition in the summer, or heat in the winter. He also at a Banana for breakfast in the morning and ate three meals daily. All of this put together has made Saitama the strongest character in the One Punch Man anime series.


Reading Recommendations

If you’d like to get started reading the One Punch Man series, then there is really only one place to do so. The One Punch Man manga are available to purchase on Viz Media’s website. I've included links to the first few issues of the series as well. If you'd like to watch the anime it is available on Hulu and Netflix. If you’d like to jump into the current issues, the One Punch Man manga creators actually post them on their subreddit. You can follow the subreddit on Twitter here. This way you can be notified when they release a new issue.


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