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Why You Should Trust Collectibles Investment Group to Appraise Your Comic Book Collection

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If you’re looking to sell your comic book collection, you might not know where to start. You may have no idea how much to expect your collection to sell for, and doing the research yourself takes seemingly endless time and energy. Since there are so many intricacies, you’re actually likely to end up with the wrong information. It makes much more sense to turn to a reputable appraiser that can look through your collection and give you a fair and accurate value. That’s why the team at Collectibles Investment Group has dedicated themselves to helping collectors of all kinds determine a fair price for their valuable items.


Selling Your Comic Book Collection


When you’re looking to sell your comic book collection, there are several different ways to go about it. Many people simply put their collection in alphabetical order and then sort by number. This is an easy way to see any gaps in your collection so you can be looking for the right issues to complete a set. Alternatively, you may want to group your comics by arc, especially if you have newer comics or comics that are less valuable. Grouping by arc ensures that your buyer will have the whole story.


Grade, rarity, and appeal of your issues are a few factors that will impact the selling price. Some collectors choose to sell multiple comic books at a time, while others choose to sell individual issues. Selling individually is much more time-consuming but might end up yielding you a higher profit than selling in a group. If you have a big collection with lower-valued comics, your efforts are better spent in selling your comics as a whole, or at the very least, selling in several smaller groups.


Trust Your Appraisal to Collectibles Investment Group

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If you’re ready to sell your valuable comic book collection, work with the Collectibles Investment Group for an appraisal. Our experts have experience with old and new comic books alike, from big names like DC and Marvel to other smaller brands. Whether you have a large collection or want to know the value of a specific comic, we can help! It can be quite difficult to determine the value of a comic book if you’re not a professional, which is why Collectibles Investment Group is committed to providing fair and accurate appraisals to all collectors and inheritors.


While we love talking with you about your comic books, we also specialize in other highly sought-after items. Some of our other services include appraisals of sports cards, fantasy cards, coins and paper money, autographs, vintage games, and more. No matter what items are in your collection, Collectibles Investment Group is happy to provide a free appraisal to get you started. Best of all, you don’t even have to leave your home!


Our team is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has worked with customers from across the globe. Founder and COO Alex Gurevich has had a lifelong passion for sports and collectibles. Together with General Counsel Robert and Principal Appraiser Sean, the team at Collectibles

Investment Group can appraise your collection quickly and accurately. We take pride in offering convenient and fast appraisals, and we strive to form lifelong relationships with our patrons.

When you’re ready to sell your comic book collection or any other collectibles, reach out to to set up your free appraisal.

Sean Bassik

Since moving to Phoenix, Arizona in 2007, Sean has been in the business of buying and selling collectibles and tangible assets. He has a passion for communication, analysis, and deal-making. He enjoys helping casual and experienced collectors sell their collections or make the correct investments. In his down time, Sean enjoys hiking, scuba diving (he is a certified open water diver), travelling, meditation, and video games. In the past, he played video games competitively, achieving great success in DotA 2. He also assists and mentors young entrepreneurs, sharing his knowledge and offering advice where he can. Each year, Sean judges a young entrepreneurship competition hosted in Los Angeles,California.

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