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New Looney Tunes T-shirts are here!

We are excited to announce we’ve recently added several Looney Tunes t-shirts to the store! We know many of you have shown interest, and we’ve decided to create a collection of these wonderful additions just for you!

When we look at these t-shirts it brings us back to the days of Super Nintendo, and slumber parties. The days where we still played outside but enjoyed going to a friend’s house to play our favorite games and watch our favorite films. Space Jam will always be a classic in our hearts. If only we could find a bottle of Michael's secret stuff to get us this through our Monday morning routines.


Who remembers Foghorn Leghorn, Taz, Porky Pig, or one of our favorites Daffy Duck. They’re all accounted for in this new collection. If you don’t see your favorites today, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive weekly updates as new inventory comes in.

As always, all designs are officially licensed for the highest quality. We know one of the biggest thoughts when it comes to online ordering is if the item looks as good in person as it does online? The answer to this is Yes! Don’t just take our word for it, feel free to read our growing list of customer reviews and feedback. There is a 30-day money back guarantee included with every purchase. You may return any item to us within 30 days of your delivery date to receive a full refund.

We would love to hear your feedback. What do you think of our latest inventory? Do you wish we had more items from your favorite classic cartoons? Please feel free to let us know in the comments. We are always open to your suggestions on how we can improve the store for you. Feel free to contact us via email at


Russell Crooms

Russell Crooms is the founder and CEO of Animated Apparel Company. Russell has always had a vivid imagination, and has always looked for outlets to explore, create and express himself. Cartoons, comic books, video games, and movies were always a fun avenue that helped him think of new ideas while offering an escape from his daily routine. Growing up, he loved to read our watch the latest series, and he spent much of his free time drawing these characters and working on his own cartoon and comic book series. Feel free to follow Russell on Social Media using any of the methods below.

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